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Alanis Morissette Your Congratulations Lyrics

Last updated: 04/28/2013 02:11:49 PM

I wouldn't have compromised as much
so much of myself for fear of
having you hating me
I would've sung so loudly
it would've cracked myself!
I became self-conscious
of anything exuberant
I wouldn't have sold myself short
I wouldn't have kept my eyes
glued to the ground
if I hadn've known my invisibility
would not make a difference
I would've run around screaming proudly
at the top of my voice
I wouldn't have said it was in fact luck
i'm talking idealism here
I would not have been so self depricating
I wouldn't have cowered
for fear of having my eyes scratched out
I woundn't have cut my comfort off
I wouldn't have feigned needlessness
I would not have discredited
every one of their compliments
it was your approval I wanted
your congratulations

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Not Necessarily | Reviewer: Silvia | 4/28/13

This song isn't necessarily about parental abuse or neglect, unless I'm currently being neglected, which I don't think I am. I struggle constantly for my parents to notice the good things I've done and not just think I'm worthless all the time, which I think. I've tried everything and thought everything in this song at many points throughout my life. All I've ever wanted was approval from my parents. But I'm very sorry that you experienced parental neglect/abuse, Barb, even if I don't feel this song is about that topic.

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Barb | 6/7/07

This is a song that touches a subject close to my heart that you rarely hear anyone sing about. Anyone who has experienced parental neglect or abuse can really easily relate to a lot of the lyrics. Kudos to Alanis for touching on the subject.