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Yg You Broke Lyrics

Last updated: 10/01/2013 08:04:57 AM

You broke – shut up
Don’t talk to me, get your bread up
And we used to fuck but I got fed up
We eatin’ …
All my niggas fed up
And we used to fuck but I got fed up
We eatin’ …
All my niggas fed up

[Verse 1]
You a hoe rat, that pussy throwback
I’m tryna fuck
You ain’t gotta be a scientist to know that
Been to that money, nothin’ before that
Bitch I’ll do you dirty, dirty like a floor mat
Yeah I’m tired of hearin’ about what you need, bitch
I’m tired of preparin’ for your weeks, bitch
I’m tired of you fuckin’ me, tryin’ to get pregnant
Knowin’ if you had a baby yo broke ass couldn’t help it
I be ridin’ through the city bangin’ 2 Chainz
I ain’t worried ‘bout the police, I got two names
Keep the sharp ‘cause sometimes you gotta do thangs
She give away that pussy like loose change
Tryna have a nigga baby, the ceiling never jay-jay
This ain’t recess, bitch you know I don’t play-play
Just bought a AK just took a vacay
Bitch you broke, you need to call Triple A, eh?


[Verse 2]
How you fuck for cash but you not a hoe?
And how I’m gon’ respect you if your pockets broke?
On your rap sheet a whole lot of bros
It’s a clinic on Western bitch you oughta go
You’re broke, your pussy stink, you borrow clothes
Lost the little ass that you had playin’ with your nose
I dedicate this to my last hoe
Swear I got cash and started actin’ like asshole
Catch up, keep up, Cutlass with the beat up
I be buyin’ pounds, so naw we can’t peace up
Rollie with the crown, bet you wanna fuck the king, huh?
It’s money over bitches,pussy never fuck this thing up
She still fainted when she seen us
I’m a Grade A nigga, youse a C+
I got a broom a got a broom, bitch, clean up
Hit the blade, and play my fee up


[Verse 3]
You shoppin’ at Louis when your baby need Wick
Using vibrators when you know you need dick
Bitch you sick –hoe you triflin’
I heard in the ‘hood yo pussy cyclin’
Nobody wifin’ yo ass
Young nigga got dick, no yeah
Fast money, fast bitches takin’ hot baths
And me and relations don’t last
My nigga mustard, got the Benzo my crib's got extendos
I’m hangin’ out the window, bangin’ out the window
Throw it up chunky - wrists all chunky
I heard the homie fucked and your pussy smell funky
And I ain’t used to what you’re used to
The only thing in your ear is a Bluetooth
You niggas ain’t blinged-out, 20 racks I blow that
5-10-15 I let my niggas hold that

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