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A Day To Remember You Already Know What You Are Lyrics

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ADTR<33 | Reviewer: ToriPaige:D | 3/30/11

I swear A Day To Remember is the best band I've ever heard of. They never disappoint me. The first song I ever heard was Colder than my heart, and I've been listening to them ever since. But I will say their older albulm's are more hardcore. I like all of it though.(:

Forreal | Reviewer: Megan | 12/21/10

THIS is what all of ADTR's music should sound like, not that soft crap they've been producing. I'm happy about their new album though. What Separates Me from You seems to drop the f bomb a lot more and isn't as pansy-ish like Homesick.

Ahmayzinggg.. | Reviewer: Shannonn. | 4/10/09

i love ADTR. they're amazing. they're songs have so much meaning in all of them. they help me get through my hard times. specially this song.

fave line
Clenched fists held above me; You will never bring me to my knees.

<3adtr for life.