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Close my eyes and move to the back of my mind
Where worries are washed out to sea
See the changes, people's faces blurred out
Like sunspots or raindrops...

Now all those feelings, those yesterdays feelings will all be lost in time.
but today ive wasted away for today is on my mind...

Left the only worries I had in my hands,
Away from the light in my eyes..
Holding tight and try not to hide how i feel....

'Cause Feelings mean nothing

Now all those feelings, those yesterdays feelings will all be lost in time
but today I’ve wasted away for today is on my mind
(yeah today is on my mind)

I can't care to worry
Im feeling so lonely
Breaking apart all this love in my heart
Close my eyes and move to the back of my mind

Where feelings mean nothing

Now All those feelings, those yesterdays feelings will all be lost in time (all be lost in time)
But today I’ve wasted away, for today is on my mind
For today is on my mind
Yeah today is on my mind

I cant care to worry
I’m feeling so lonely
Breaking apart all this love in my heart...

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Mr. Used | Reviewer: Jade faith | 12/4/12

Yesterday's Feelings..the title speaks for itself..He's trying to deal with his past..I can relate cOz I myself jst got broke and i loved this song,how it reminds me day by day that she's already gone and that she made me put her in my past..just dont count what yOu've lost,cherish what u have and plan what to gain coz the past never returns but the future may replace what youve lost..
------------------------------------------------>Mr. Used<------------------------------------------------

Beautiful | Reviewer: Pheo | 4/16/12

The Used writes so many songs that really apply to life, I love it. When I'm unsure about my next move in life, and I'm really upset, I listen to them because then I'm reminded that things will be fine

situation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/11

I don't want to sound like I'm trying to be deep. But i can honestly relate to this song, when I first heard it I had it on replay forever while I was.... trying to settle some uncertainties in my life...

agreed! | Reviewer: Quinn<3 | 6/10/10

I agree with "Nyk", about how you can make the song mean whatever you want it to mean.
Although, do NOT think it has anything to do with drugs. This song is pretty clear really, I don't think there is any real secret meaning behind the lyrics, so don't go looking and end up with shitty theories about what Bert is singing about. Like drugs -_-

SONG MEANING.. | Reviewer: Nyk | 4/29/10

it can be about any fucking thing bert wants it to be about. and it can be about anything you want it to be a bout. the point of a song is the song speaking to your soul however you want.
theres no way to pen point exactly what he is talking bout unless you ask him personally.
and artist write songs so you can relate it to you however you wish so stop saying its about drugs or his gf suicide unless you've fucking asked him,it can mean anything. but it is a great song

Haha | Reviewer: JjToXiC | 11/1/09

I agree. Its not about drugs, its about living for today and just letting go of all the things in the past or at least trying to. I mean he pretty much says it "Close my eyes and move to the back of my mind, where worries are washed out to sea." Hes trying to let go and put it all behind him.

not about drugs. | Reviewer: kurtis purgatory;; | 8/29/09

it's not about drugs you dolt!
it's about living from moment to moment.
not knowing what's going to happen next, and instead of worrying, letting go all of those worries and thinking only about what you're going to do right at this moment.
i swear if this world gets more about drugs then it's going to be very rare to be clean.
or it could also be about Bert's girlfriend who'd just committed suicide before this album was made, "breaking apart all this love in my heart." it could be that he wasn't wanting to forget her, but didn't want to hurt anymore. so he let go of all of his worries and lived from moment to moment.
this song doesn't have anything to do with drugs at all. Bert likes to write cryptic lyrics that cause speculation about their meaning, and you guys are thinking entirely too mundanely to understand the meaning of any of his songs.
open your minds, think about something other than what is considered "the norm" in today's society, and maybe, just maybe you'll be able to understand his lyrics.

today is on my mind | Reviewer: Bob | 7/16/09

i love the song. its about the feeling of relief with the assistance of a drug. i can tell by the way he describes how the present is the only thing on his mind. i can relate from my own experiences with euphoria producing drugs.
i figure this song was a product of the singers use of heroin. also their song "say days ago" is about his bout with drugs. its a bit more hardcore though. this song is one of their softer ones.

it helped | Reviewer: Ashley | 6/17/09

When I found out I was going to a different school I was devastated. My best friend is coming with but I have three besties. And then I also have a boyfriend. </3 I cried every morning. Only the mornings though...I listened to my ipod and came across this song... it helped me so much. This only happened a few days ago. Now I'm happy to go. I was supposed to go this middle school but they didn't accept open enrollment. So I went to a different. Then I'm going their but it also helps my mom. She is getting transferred to a different station. Anyways, this song helped me so much. I went from depressed and sad to happy and proud. >>>---(¯'v'¯)---> <3

it means more everytime | Reviewer: Nick | 2/5/08

Just like the title says everytime I listen to this song it means more everytime. It just helps things make since to me for some reason. I have to say that I miss her even though she doesnt care.
Really thats all this song is about. His heart was broken and he just cant get over it yet. Or atleast that is how I see it. I think this is one of those songs that it means something different to every person that listens to it.

watta great song! | Reviewer: badgurl27 | 12/9/07

i was on a shop choosing cd's to buy..then i picked up the cd having the songs of the used..wel 1st,im not sure if dat was a gud idea wen i choz dat but wen i start listenin 2 deir song..ima start 2 rock....and den,i heard d song entitled yesterday's feelings..den i thought dat it was kinda dfrent and it was so cool...i can rel8 into dat...and i loved it!

i kick kittens...jk.much rather kick my bro instead!!!! | Reviewer: every day we die a little more | 12/6/07

these guys are freakn amazing they are an insperation to me, they make the pain go away and the blood stop flowing. suprisingly if I had a choice I would stay home all day and just listen to there music because they make it seem like nothing can go wrong in life uless you make it that way! I wish that there was no such thing as idiots who make life hell

Breaking apart | Reviewer: Fanny | 11/27/07

Breaking apart all this love in my heart. It's exactly what I'm trying to do. But love can't be handle. If it did, I wouldn't love him at all... Damn I love this song!

yesterdays feelings | Reviewer: jess | 9/10/07

the lyrics are deep i like them reminds me of a recent messy situation... bottom line, i miss my boyfriend. :( lmao im such a chick

yesterday's feelings | Reviewer: jannina | 6/27/07

reminds me of my childhood home and the people there. so glad i got away.
there isn't many songs that bring tears to my eyes but this one's damn close to..

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