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Brandy Wow Lyrics

Last updated: 03/18/2013 01:04:57 PM

Verse 1
no more sittin at home at night
waiting for you to come home
no more will I cry for you
I've found somebody new
no more late night phone calls
don't even bother at all
when i was there for you
you took me for granted

now he loves me
the way i wanted you to love me
hes always thinkin of me
hes notin like you at all
i dont know why
i stayed with you for so long
i should have been gone
hes nothing like you at all

thats why i say wow
never felt a love so good
i looked up and my world is brighter now
theres no more rainy clouds
since loves here and
now everyday i wear a smile
you came in my life and the clouds are gone
i only see the sun

verse 2
hes here and all my hurt is gone
every night he is loving me
i feel like im inside a movie
but his love is always real to me
hes here and i finaly found someone
that i can call my own
now that im not with you
you want me to come back



no more trouble since you came in to my life
im so full of you
your the reason why i am so happy lately
you and me together is my like fantasy clearly

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my Brandy best song ever | Reviewer: Benjamin Amusah | 3/18/13

Ure an inspiring and amazing singer,song writter,great female entertainer,the message u pass across through ur music is ownsome.I've been heartbroken twice,and I'm still without some one I can true call my love,but ur songs r always telling she is on her way.GOD bless u BRANDY

Wt cn i say wow | Reviewer: Red rose | 11/7/12

Ive been inlove alone 4 so long,crying n prayin every nyt dat thngs will change until someone came into my life papiky his love is pure im glowin each n every day everynyt he hold me n tell me he loves me his love is so wow n dis song say it all abt my life n ill lyk to say thnx

my favourite song | Reviewer: ismail | 2/23/07

This is forever gonna be my best brandy's song, i've always been a fan of brandy, babygirl, u are great,i just can't do without this song, everyday of my life, thanks for that, and keep it up.
Love ever!!!!