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Big Country Wonderland Lyrics

Last updated: 07/14/2013 08:01:13 PM

If you could feel
How I must feel
The winds of quiet change
If you could see
What I must see
Still hidden in the rain
But when the thunder rolls
It comes and covers up my soul
And you will take my hand
And be with me in wonderland
I am an honest man
I need the love of you
I am a working man
I feel the winter too
If you could hear
What I must hear
Then nothing would replace
The fifty years of sweat and tears
That never left a trace
But when I look at you I see
You feel the same way too
And you will take my hand and be
With me in wonderland
You still remember other days
When every head was high
I watched that pride be torn apart
Beneath a darker sky
With innocence within ourselves
We sing the same old song
And you will take my hand
And make believe it's wonderland
I need the love of you
I am a working man
I feel the winter too
Wonderland (four times, fading out)

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I felt the winter, too... | Reviewer: Joe | 7/14/13

As a young teenager delivering newspapers, I had this song in my head when I started my route on freshly laid snow at 5 in the morning.
As I traversed the large yards and hills, I would bellow out Stewie's " O - Oh - Oh - Ohhhhhho...ooooyeah...."
I love this band!

A wonderful song | Reviewer: Mike S. | 10/17/10

I recently stumbled on this tune's video online, it's the first time seeing the video and first time to hear the song in over 15 years. What a time capsule contained for me in one song...I love the lyrics romantic, yet grounded, sweep.

I appreciate the other reviews who are giving their different views on the quality of this song. When it came out I really didn't understand why it didn't gain more popularity in the US...what an awesome production and passionate melancholy atmosphere; people's song of beauty and strength.

Big Country was the first band I really fell in love with, at least during the first 2 albums (and this song's EP). I think it was the bit of Scottish blood in me stirring...

This kind of song is really classic, as Ian remarked, which rockers sing of the working man anymore? Or could sing with such pure conviction, "I am an honest man?"

Thanks to Big Country, and grateful tears to departed Stuart Adamson, your artistry in masterpieces of song like "Wonderland" touched my heart deeply.

Wonderland | Reviewer: Joseph | 10/8/10

Big country were one of the best things musically to come out of both Scotland and the 80's (The 80's were just great but these guys were special!), I'am scottish and I have to say when I hear Big Country I do feel a sense of pride, it's Scottish rock at it's finest and Wonderland was the jewel in their crown, fantastic song.

Wonderful Band - Big Country | Reviewer: victoria | 11/7/08

I am re-visiting this band of my youth. Even after all these years they are still inspiring and uplifting with the soaring upward movement of the sound of their music and their honest lyrics. Big Country has always been an under-considered treasure. I am still deeply, deeply saddened by the death of Adamson and wonder why such an attractive father, gifted singer, writer and appealing performer would think he had so little reason to continue living.

Underrated and should be rediscovered | Reviewer: Ian | 5/25/07

A fantastic hook and the vocal is inspiring, especially since it is song about hope amongst hardship. It's time we rediscovered this type of song.

And...When was the last time you heard a popular song with the lyric: "I am a working man"? Sadly, I'm not sure it means very much anymore...

Scotland's Finest | Reviewer: George McGinley | 5/18/07

Big Country at their very best, such a tragic waste Stuarty boy.