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The Clash White Man In Hammersmith Palais Lyrics

Last updated: 06/21/2012 11:00:00 AM

Midnight to six man
For the first time from Jamaica
Dillinger and Leroy Smart
Delroy Wilson, your cool operator

Ken Boothe for UK pop reggae
With backing bands sound systems
And if they've got anything to say
There's many black ears here to listen

But it was Four Tops all night with encores from stage right
Charging from the bass knives to the treble
But onstage they ain't got no roots rock rebel
Onstage they ain't got no...roots rock rebel

Dress back jump back this is a bluebeat attack
'Cos it won't get you anywhere
Fooling with your guns
The British Army is waiting out there
An' it weighs fifteen hundred tons

White youth, black youth
Better find another solution
Why not phone up Robin Hood
And ask him for some wealth distribution

Punk rockers in the UK
They won't notice anyway
They're all too busy fighting
For a good place under the lighting

The new groups are not concerned
With what there is to be learned
They got Burton suits, ha you think it's funny
Turning rebellion into money

All over people changing their votes
Along with their overcoats
If Adolf Hitler flew in today
They'd send a limousine anyway

I'm the all night drug-prowling wolf
Who looks so sick in the sun
I'm the white man in the Palais
Just lookin' for fun

I'm only
Looking for fun

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Pure Genius | Reviewer: TJ | 6/21/12

This song crosses all genres and boundaries based on its brilliance as a stand alone single. From Strummers lyrics and both his and Jones`s delivery to the perfect rhythm section it just rolls along like nothing I have ever heard since.

Quite simply one of the best records ever made.

It's perfect | Reviewer: Justin Killian | 1/16/12

I lack the eloquence to do justice to this song. There's not one wasted note, one drum beat out of place. It's just, well, perfect. Especially love how Simonon really ramps the bass up during the last verse. The 20 seconds or so from "All over, people changing their votes . . ." until the end of the song is the type of distilled awesomeness that makes people write and record music. If I could marry 20 seconds of music, that bit would be my wife.

White man in Hammersmith changed Music.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/11

This is Musical Foundations,
That Are Really Important To Many Genres of Music, And Artist Mick Jones and Don Letts, The Manager of the Clash.used to Be close Friends with Bob Marley
Which Led To Punks Listening to Reggae, and Records
All the Guys in the Begging of white man in Hammersmith were the Top Reggae Artist of The time, when this song came Out Ken Booth no no no you Don't Love Me Fame !And Mikey Dread! Was on tour with the Clash. To Be Honest The Truth is I Listened To Punk every day all day until I purchased a Cassette called Black Market Clash and This Album Called The Clash . White man was my first Reggae song 20 years Later I mostly Listen to Reggae. Thanks Clash for tunes like White Man in Hammersmith and reggae covers like police and Thieves.. Long live the Clash..

one of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/08

this is deffo one of the best songs by the clash along with complete control. I really agree with the whole thing about new punk bands today only doin it for money and forgettin about the roots of punk rock and the rebellion, and who think that just by dressin like punks that they are.
R.I.P Joe Strummer ~ LEGEND!!

Best Clash song, | Reviewer: Russell | 9/25/07

The clash made some amazing songs, but in my view white man is the best. end of. the lyrics are just pure Strummer Brilliance.

The Best Song Ever(JiMMy MacK) | Reviewer: JiMMy MacK | 1/11/06

In my oppinion this track is not only the greatest song of many great songs that THE CLASH released but it is infact the greatest song ever recorded in the history of modern music. Its a hard hitting song written for THE CLASH's rock against racism campain and has tackled highly political subject and helped the good cause. The best band ever's best song truly brilliant. JiMMy MacK