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Simon and Garfunkel Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. Lyrics

Last updated: 12/17/2008 10:00:00 AM

I can hear the soft breathing
Of the girl that I love,
As she lies here beside me
Asleep with the night,
And her hair, in a fine mist
Floats on my pillow,
Reflecting the glow
Of the winter moonlight.

She is soft, she is warm,
But my heart remains heavy,
And I watch as her breasts
Gently rise, gently fall,
For I know with the first light of dawn
I'll be leaving,
And tonight will be
All I have left to recall.

Oh, what have I done,
Why have I done it,
I've committed a crime,
I've broken the law.
For twenty-five dollars
And pieces of silver,
I held up and robbed
A hard liquor store.

My life seems unreal,
My crime an illusion,
A scene badly written
In which I must play.
Yet I know as I gaze
At my young love beside me,
The morning is just a few hours away.

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bittersweet | Reviewer: Janie | 12/16/08

the wording,the harmony, the fact that it is naked guitar and vocals. automatically makes the song really real and personal. Very bittersweet, it puts you right in the place and time and feeling of the song. The lyrics are very well written, and make your soul become this person with their struggle. One of my favorites at the moment

just perfect | Reviewer: Jakob Dempsey | 5/7/08

As a little vignette, a small, simple artistic creation, this song is one of Paul Simon's best. The melody-harmony lines are in perfect sync; the lyrics evoke a single, specific mood and scene. The protagonist is a thief, rebel, lover, philosopher, and poet; as you sing or perform the song, you feel that you are also all those persons, and that you are right there in the bed, under the winter's moon light. Much is left unsaid --- which is why this is Art, not just some rambling thoughts.