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Tilling my own grave to keep me level
Jam another dragon down the hole
Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren
One that pushes me along and leaves me so

Desperate and ravenous,
So weak and powerless over you

Someone feed the monkey while I dig in search of China
White as Dracula as I approach the bottom

Desperate and ravenous,
So weak and powerless over you

Little angel go away
Come again some other day
The devil has my ear today
I'll never hear a word you say
Promised I would find a little solace
And some peace of mind
Whatever just as long as I don't feel so

Desperate and ravenous,
So weak and powerless

Desperate and ravenous,
So weak and powerless
Over you

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im not an addict of any kind | Reviewer: cayla | 3/14/13

i just love this song so much. Its a super deep song and i feel as though everyone needs to hear it. Jambi by tool and weak and powerless by a perfect circle are currently my two go to songs on my ipod.

Absolutely about addiction | Reviewer: Phil | 8/13/12

Has everyone listened to the second half of this song? It's directly associated with 12 steps of recovery, "So glad to see you well,overcome them completely silent now with heavens help"... Spiritual principles there, then he goes on to ask " Im more than just a little curious to know how you plan to go about making your amends to the dead" 9th step: "WE MADE DIRECT AMENDS TO OTHERS WHEN TO DO SO WOULD NOT HARM THEM OR OTHERS"

Saying no | Reviewer: Sam | 7/21/12

for me, this is about how I've just allowed myself to be in this abusive relationship...they just expect me to pick up all their insignificant pieces, while they watch my life crumble and do nothing to stop it, I'm literally feeling physical issues from all of it, but because they feel their sadness and insignificant issues are more important than everyone, they will only just stand there and watch me wither and feel anger for me not simply holding my head down and taking it all... . I've always had to be this guardian, this savior, and for this person I'm literally having to teach them what it is to be a decent human being to the ones you love...or use...I've never felt this weak and powerless over someone who's so...underneath me...in every way...yet I still followed them, knowing full well i'm the shining light that never should have graced their life...They expect me to wither away all for their selfish needs...I think it finally hit me today and i felt compelled to whip this song out.

Addiction 1st step... | Reviewer: AJ | 6/20/12

Admitting that you are powerless...

As someone who has just recently presented my "first step" to a group of peers, this song is literally about addiction to heroin and the admission of powerlessness to the addiction. It can apply to any addiction, but the themes remain the same. In my therapy group there are recovering drug addicts and alcoholics who are now facing a different challenge.

I am a sex addict and I can identify with almost every song in this album with regards to the experience that any addict deals with...helplessness, denial, depression, co-dependence, abuse by others and to ones self, low self-esteem, guilt, shame and lost days, weeks, months and years...opportunities to flourish since wasted.

I have never been addicted to any drug other than the natural ones in my brain...many of the same chemicals released in reponse to heroin, meth, etc. (There is truth to thrill seekers being addicted to adrenaline....) There is a misunderstanding that addicts are addicted to the external chemical put into the body. The reward chemicals of the brain can be released in many different ways, the "high" varies in intensity. Many recovering addicts will take on a new addiction or uncover other co-existing ones once they remove the main culprit.

The beauty of this album is the interpretation reaches out to any addict. If you have identified and are dealing with an addiction, this album will be powerful for you. "Gravity" takes this theme of powerless to the next level adding in the powerful step of "surrender". This is where recovery work really starts. I love this album. Love A Perfect Circle.

it's simple | Reviewer: stef | 1/15/12

everyone jumps to conclusions and directs towards one specific. I guess it is easier for most to relate this song to drugs, I think most of you want to. Perhaps another point of view is trying to satisfy any particular desire and not being able to, love, lust, hunger, money, company, etc. It's kind of sad that everyone is/wants to be a drug addict.

I have been sober but have you been high?? | Reviewer: SourDesiel | 1/3/12

I am a Heroine addict and i can assure those that question the meaning of Maynard's words, that it is undoubtedly about the women named, Heroine. To those that have never sat on the other side, tell me something that would twist my mind, i beg of you. For i have sat where you are, but have you sat with me? Believe those that have been where you never have. It's a very common thing to refer to an addiction as your life or love. I know that i myself, even being a female, that my addiction to heroine is in fact a women. I love her with every inch of my soul and despise her for having such a hold on me.I don't expect those that have never been wrapped in the wings of her to understand but just trust those that softly sleep in the feathers. A lot of people don't know that Maynard was at one point an H user. Take the words of those that see, as a way to lead those that are blinded.

Weak and powerless (13th step) | Reviewer: Jill | 11/20/11

This whole album is about addiction, if you were in the program you would know one hundred percent. But the grey thing about Maynard is that he writes so most people can relate to in one way or another. Go to a meeting and you'll understand

Life | Reviewer: trapper | 10/30/11

i think this song is about your life and trying to control every aspect of it. weak and powerless over your desperation to be hungry for power and control over it. and sinking into your shadow because of it....eh?

As interpreted. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/11

This song can be directly applied to the suffering conciquences of drug addiction. I am currently addicted to crack. I cant get away from it. Everytime your done, you promise your self youll never do it again.. Tilling the grave (floating above and below sobriety.) Jam another dragon down the hole (using the substance AGAIN). Digging to the rhythm ( its a systematic repetition called out by your only inner voice). One that pushes me along and leaves me... (You need the crack (at least once every 1-2 days) to not feel horrible and depressed all the time.). Dig in search of china white (most applical to heroin but is metaphorical to any dope.) If you havent been on your knees looking for the possiblity that you may have dropped a crumb on the floor. DESPERATE AND Ravenous! every single line in this song relates to an addiction, But there were several referances that line up with a drug addiction especially heroin. It applies to any other major addictive dope. I'm sorry, but i really find this song to be a deep root in me, being that i just cannot break this habit. Cant get away, cant stop.. unless youve been a true drug addict (god forbid) then you wont know what its like to be weak and powerless.

Remember the title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/11

It doesn't matter if their is dope in song. The song can't be about heroin, it's about his weakness and running from problems- jam another dragon- and taking wrong choices -devil's got his ear today-.. Hes digging a hole to escape, but not just that. You dig holes to put something underground, a grave, waste, a secret, something for which you can't find place above the ground.. It's safe down there, but the dragons still chase him. Instead of fighting them of, he chooses to dig more, 'to china' as he sees the absurd in the situation. He choses that because he doesn't see the reason to do the oposite, and thats the siren song making him feel meaningles to fight. And, are you sure he sais white as dracula? I thought he sings something else.. The song just can't be only about drugs or alchohol, it goes deeper, to questions of meaning and reason to live and FEELING them. He finds the sourse in himself and the siren, which can stand for his mom, or somthing. So, dope can only be the shovel in this song, but that can be everything else.. And the monkey, i'm not sure, but i belive he feels ridiculus. And so- desperate, weak, powerless.. Over you. His mother has his will, she sings the song that makes him feel miserable, digging to a womb where he felt safe.. Complex?

WTF? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/11

Take it from someone who has been through addiction (Heroin,Meth) it is about heroin...How you would come up with it being about meth or anything else is rediculous. You are a slave to heroin hints "weak and powerless" and lso "china white" = happens to be one form of Heroin so please get some schooling before you say anything. Obviously you are not in tune..

Always open to interpretation | Reviewer: Sean | 8/13/11

Not sure why people have to belittle and berate other people over the meaning of a song. Like this joker:

Anyone who knows anything can clearly see this song is about a heroin addiction...Some of the reviews on here are so stupid that it made me sick

That's the great thing about music, it can mean different things to different people and none of those people happen to be wrong. Robert Plant went so far as to say that his songs don't even always mean the same thing to him, that their meaning changes as his circumstances change.

As far as being about heroine addiction, it's possible. Most of the evidence you use to "break it down" is suspect though. Chasing the dragon is also used in other contexts i.e. smoking meth off of tinfoil is also known as chasing the dragon because you actually have to following the smoke as the meth melts. The other references are vague and could apply to any untenable situation.

As far as the people who see China White as making it a reference to heroine, those words clearly modify words before and after them rather than each other. "dig in search of China" (in my opinion referring to seeking an impossible result) and "White as Dracula" (pretty self-explanatory). In my humble opinion, those two words ended up next to each other coincidentally; either that, or Maynard put them there purposely to play with your mind. He likes doing that, you know.

Other than that, I think everyone is entitled to interpret it however thay like. I further don't believe that anybody is "wrong" because of how they interpret it. That's the beauty of music.

Get somethig for your own head | Reviewer: Arnie | 8/1/11

... so yeah the interpretation of art is a reflection of one's self. No matter what the words say or the pictures show, if you see something evil it says more about what is inside of your own head than that of the artist. That being said, seriously guys, it says china white in the song, take a clue.

Objective | Reviewer: Jill | 5/21/11

Even if the artist themself tells you or the media a certain song is about something specific, that doesn't necessarily mean THAT is what the song is about, hands down. The beauty in music is that it's always open for interpretation or debate, and that's why we love it so much. What a song means to the artist, or you, or anyone else, can all be different and yet all be correct at the same time. Music is about having no limits. Why limit ourselves with fights over what the song means?

Maynard on Music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/11

"The idea is, if I can't heal from my art, then how can you heal?"

"I believe that music is a force in itself. It is there and it needs an outlet, a medium. In a way, we are just the medium."

"I just hope that our fans are people who are inspired by music, and just use our music as a background or inspiration for whatever it is they do."

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