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god bless the daylight, the sugary smell of springtime
remembering when you were mine
in a still suburban town

when every thursday i'd brave those mountain passes
and you'd skip your early classes
and we'd learn how our bodies worked

god damn the black night with all its foul temptations
i've become what i always hated
when i was with you then

we looked like giants in the back of my grey subcompact
fumbling to make contact
as the others slept inside

and together there
in a shroud of frost, the mountain air
began to pass through every pane of weathered glass
and i held you closer than anyone would ever get

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do you remember the JAMC?
and reading aloud from magazines
i don't know about you but i swear on my name they could smell it on me
i've never been too good with secrets

and together there
in a shroud of frost, the mountain air
began to pass through every pane of weathered glass
and i held you closer…

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Giants of passion and urgency | Reviewer: Hari | 10/10/13

Actually, I think the "giants" metaphor goes in hand with the sex metaphor of discovering how their bodies work: I imagine them in white-hot passion, and nervousness, of their first sexual encounters, and so madly in-love, as they haphazardly press against the other maybe accidentally knocking quite a few objects through the ground--which is what makes him feel like a giant: both because their bodies become the center of the world for them at that moment and because in the combination of inexperience and passion they are like a hurricane, similar to how a giant walking through a town would cause great damages to it.

Beautiful beyond words, truly.

Secrets | Reviewer: Aj | 1/15/13

I agree with the post on 9/10 it's clearly about forbidden love, they have to meet in the back of the car wile everyone else sleeps. Iveactually lived this last summer!! But we were good at keeping secrets. Theirs no adding into this song! Sometimes a rose is just a rose,, lovely song

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/09

There is a hint of a hidden relationship here, and possibly a forbidden one. The second verse seems to suggest sneaking off for a moment together, and going to some effort to keep it secret. The third about the temptation of night and how that can lead to bad situations. I read the "i've become what i always hated,when i was with you then" As the fact that they know there doing something wrong but the temptation is to much. Think the line about smelling it on me is about sex, especially when you combine it with the bit about being bad at keeping secrets.

Can't Listen to Deathcab Any More | Reviewer: Joanna Did It | 7/13/09

Ex Wife used to say that Transatlanticism reminded her of me. Then caught her cheating with another guy, and she told him the same thing.

Unoriginal byatch! Good riddance, morally bankrupt, socially inept child.

"A friend of a friend" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/09

This song is about everything it sounds like it is about, young awkward love. I'm from the Seattle/Bham area and my friend knows the woman that this was written about, an ex girlfriend from years ago (they are still friends though), and she said it's a pretty self explanatory song.

Also, | Reviewer: molly | 1/21/09

I think the person who posted on the 1/15/2008 got it spot on, except for the "smell it on me" line. I think this is reminiscent of going into clubs or shows, and the staff being able to smell drugs on you - along with the JAMC/magazine reading imagery, this sets the scene of maybe an invigorating summer spent with the girl in the song. A fast and exciting tale amidst the whole theme of self discovery of the other verses.

Although, I could be totally wrong. But I think that's the beauty of DCFC, they can work on so many levels to so many different people. Love this song! I feel like a giant when I listen to it...

Woah. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/08

Death Cab is the best band to listen to in peaks, and in the lowest points of a relationship and even life in my opinion. I dated this girl for a long time, and in the peaks of our relationship I would lay in bed listening to Death Cab with butterflies in my stomach. And the day that we split apart I layed in bed listening to Death Cab crying. They are deffenitely one of the best bands on the planet and they helped me get through a lot of things. To the guy/girl below me, you are 100% right, and thank you for explaining what this song meant.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/08

to me this song is about the nervousness and excitement you feel in your first relationship, and especially your first 'intimate' moments... when you 'learn how your bodies work'. Gibbard and his lover looked'like giants' fumbling and feeling around in the back of his car... because to thier less 'experienced' friends asleep at home, they looked more mature, popular, attractive...

To me the most prominant line in this song is 'i became what i always hated when i was with you'... because of the jealousy he previously felt towards other peers who were busy exploring the joys of sex, whilst he was like the others asleep at home. However now hes met this girl, he has began to experience what he was jealous of, and become one of the people he previously loathed - he has become a giant, proud, powerful and secure.
and although the girl thinks they should keep it quiet, he just cant help himself... he tells her that his friends could smell it on him, but then again, hes 'never been to good with secrets'

what do you think?

Wow. | Reviewer: Emily the Strange | 11/6/07

Even though i have absolutely NO clear understanding of this song its still one of the most amazing pieces of music i have ever heard.
this Band is absolutely amazing, the guys a genius.

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