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Hank Williams, Jr. We Don't Apologize For America Lyrics

Last updated: 07/23/2014 08:35:09 AM

No nation’s lost more men than Uncle Sam
From the fields of France to evil Afghanistan
No, freedom isn’t free
Neither is liberty
It ain’t the protesters and politicians
It’s the 19 year old’s on dangerous missions

We don’t apologize for America
That old VFW, that is sacred ground
And we like to sing along on that good ole Hogget song
When you’re runnin’ down our country hogs
You’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me

So get behind the stars and stripes
Or just get the hell out and quit your riot
So you’ve got a long list of friends that you don’t like
Well please do us a favor, all you America haters
Why don’t you move to Mexico tonight?

No, we don’t apologize for America
Walter Reed, that is sacred ground
And we’ll all sing along on that good ole Meryl song
When you’re runnin’ down our country hogs
You’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me

Hey, Obama, one more time

When you’re runnin’ down our country men
You’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me

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Hey JIM | Reviewer: LAURA DIAZ | 7/23/14

If you're going to rank on Hank Jr, learn to spell, please. Also the song says "Like that good ol HAGGARD song" (As in Merle Haggard) damn, people are so fucking stupid nowadays.

flag patriot or people patriot | Reviewer: Jim | 3/25/14

Dear Hank..I understand your Red blooded American Patriotism...I love my country as well.My review of your song is a suggestion that you as a patriot of our country...because of your unique position as a roll model to a predominantly uneducated public are able, if you have the patriotic character of a Dylan or Baez or Fonda (who forsaked $ and risked imprisonment), to educate your audience to how our congress ( both Dems and Reps) have colluded with the Bankers and Big Corps to Rape the American taxpayer and to Pimp Miss Liberty for personal gain. We are an insolvent third world country and you are singing flag waving songs.It is not Obama's doing is the doing of all 500 of those politicians that is responsible for Americas "undoing" . Check out Jessey Ventura"s Website and watch all the sites that you are led to....learn what the "Federal Reserve" is ...What really took down the WTC, What Eisenhower had to say about the military machine and the monopoly of the wealthy....You, I and every American owe to our debtors over $250,000. each...( a debt that cannot be repaid and is soon to be doubled when the Banks declare again within the year that they "lost"(stole) all our $ again. Read about the internment camps that have been built all over America to house the rioters and "true Patriots" that will soon be fighting in the streets for there very survive and that of their country while the bankers and the politicians they sleep with are in another country or a salt mine after they so "brilliantly" nuke us all to satisfy some oil co. or appease Israel"s demands to dominate it's neighbors, read about the health risks of GMO's the Chem trails, pesticides in our aquifers......America needs leaders in the music world (who are not wimps, not afraid to tell the truth) to rally with "song" the activists, to enlighten and piss off and yes incite the puplic to...." take back America" Hank....the question is not if, but when ( and it will be soon) there will be blood in the streets...Americans fighting for food, storming empty/unmanned Banks, dying in cities because they couldn't get gas, food, shelter, medical treatment from a bankrupt politically deserted country.....You " will" be remembered Hank for your stand, as one who participated in the solution rallying our military (our youth) to not turn a gun on their neighbor but to uphold the constitution, to regain control of our wrest it from the hold of the Banks...OR.... you will be remembered as an apathetic bystander (flag waving in your safe house) away from it all like the rest of the elitist singer, song writers have chosen to do. The biggest hero's in the music world today are Freedom fighter singer/song writers in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Greece, Spain, France and China to name a few....all places where people are struggling to take back their governments from the same economically destructive collusiveness that exists in America between our Govt.,the Banks and the Big Corps.Put your writing skills to use in educating and saving your American neighbors from the perils that lie very soon in front of them....You cannot first do that unless you educate yourself and decide to wear a big pair of balls...and then....WALK THE TALK. ...We need you now... Hope you decide to joins and give us some inspirational, educational, motivational and freedom fighting 'Patriotic"songs that are sorely needed. If you decide to ride in on a set of big prepared to find the Country (that you are touting as so great in your songs) to take your freedom of speech away. My statements have just put me on a watch list, Good luck as, either way, you will be fighting side by side with us patriots or with your conscience for the rest of your life....JIM Costello ..PS..It would not surprise me to see this review censored or edited.