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2Pac Until The End Of Time Lyrics

Last updated: 02/13/2013 09:07:11 AM

Until The End Of Time

Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side
Somewhere inside my childhood witnessed my heart die
And even though we both came from the same places
The money and the fame made us all change places
How could it be - through the misery that came to pass
The hard times make a true friend afraid to ask - for currency
But you could run to me when you need me I'll never leave
Honestly, someone to believe in,as you can see
It's a small thang to a true, what could I do?
Real homies help you get through
And comin' new he'd do the same thang if he could
'Cause in the hood true homies make you feel good
And half the times we be actin' up call the cops
Bringin' the cease to the peace that was on my block
It never stops, when my mama ask me will I change
I tell her yeah, but it's clear I'll always be the same
Until the end of time

Take, these broken wings
I need your hands to come and heal me once again
(Until the end of time)
So I can fly away, until the end of time
Until the end of time
Until the end of time

Please Lord forgive me for my life of sin
My hard stare seem to scare all my sister's kids
So you know, I don't hang around tha house much
This all night, money making got me outta touch, shit
Ain't flashed a smile in a long while
An unexpected birth worst of the ghetto childs
My attitude got me walkin' solo, ride out alone in my lo-lo
Watchin' the whole world move in slow-mo
For quiet times disappear, listen to the ocean
Smokin 'Ports, think my thoughts, then it's back to coastin'
Who can I trust in this cold world?
My phony homey had a baby by my own girl
But I ain't trippin' I'm a player I ain't sweatin' him
I sexed his sister, had her moanin' like a mexican
His next of kin
no remorse it was meant to happen
Besides rappin' the only thing I did good was scrappin'
Until the end of time

So take, these broken wings
I need your hands to come and heal me once again
(Until the end of time)
So I can fly away, until the end of time
Until the end of time
Until the end of time

Please take, these broken wings
I need your hands to come and heal me once again
(Until the end of time)
So I can fly away, until the end of time
Until the end of time
Until the end of time

Now who's to say if I was right or wrong?
To live my life as an Outlaw all along
Remain strong in this planet full of player haters
They conversate but Death Row full of demonstrators
And in the end drinkin' Heneessy made all my enemies envy me
So cold when I flow eliminatin' easily
Falls to they knees, they plead for they right to breath
While beggin' me to keep the peace (haha)
What I can see closer to achieve
In times of danger don't freeze, time to be a G
Follow my lead I'll supply everything you need
An ounce of game and the trainin' to make a G
Remember me, as an outcast Outlaw
Another album out, that's what I'm about, more
Gettin' raw 'til the day I see my casket
Buried as a G while the whole world remembers me
Until the end of time

Lord take, these broken wings
I need your hands to come and heal me once again
(Until the end of time)
So I can fly away, till the end of time
Until the end of time
Until the end of time

if an angel comes down and
takes me away memories of me
and my songs will always stay
until the end of timeeeee
until the end of time
until the end of time

maybe it's the thug in me

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shakur my best G among odas, | Reviewer: rowland | 2/5/13

2pac was and still a legend till d end of tym, all d broken wings shall rise 2 live once again. And 4 all does who wisg 2 follow me, i welcome dem wit my hands(ghetto gospel). 2pac welcoms all wit an open hand, but remember 2 pray 4 forgiveness of sin bcos 2pac did.

RAP GOD | Reviewer: Billy Dope | 12/5/12

a aint gat much to tell cuz i have cried for a long time now since pac die,his songs inspires me in all aspects of life,i call him THE RAP GOD.
any body wanna chat with me,am online 24/7 on face book,(Tamanji Clinton).

thank ya all

I rather die a G like Tupac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/11

His memories lives on .. we still feeling is impact since he died ..Is better to die as a G like pac than to live like a coward that has no impact and memories in the heart of men ..

Letter to my unborn child t | Reviewer: Oliw gabreil amum alan | 1/20/11

He is the only man i will never ever forget in ma whole life time and i still confus .words can't discibe tupac how much u mean to me .just preper us ghetto heavn and make sure your g we thugs till we met there your people are waitin to see u open the heavn gate i love u tupac till i die rest in peace and god will take care all your seed coz u are etonal u was a massager of real peace we trust no body

7 day theory of tupac shakur | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/11

The number 7

The title of the new album by Makaveli (Tupac) is The 7 Day Theory. He was shot on September 7th; and survived on the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and"died" the 13th. Hence the title The 7 Day Theory.

Tupac's album All Eyes on Me was released on Feb.13, 1996. Tupac "died" on Sept.13, 1996. It is quite a coincidence that the two dates are exactly 7 months apart.

Tupac officially died at 4:03 PM. 4+3 = 7 Also he "died" at an age of 25 years. 2+5 = 7. It seems as if seven is Tupac's number.

In the movie, "Gridlock'd," when Tupac and Roth are in the diner and they glance up at the menu, all the L's are upside down 7's.

In the movie, "Gang Related," Tupac and Belushi wait in room 7, and Tupac's badge number is 115; 1+1+5=7.

The cross on Tupac's back says, "Exodus 16:31." , The verse itself seems to have little meaning, but read this verse, found right above it:, "So the people rested on the seventh day." All of Exodus 16 deals with the 7 Dayz.

fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/10

Tupac the greatest, most influential rappers of all times. He is quoted to once have said listen to what we are telling you and hold us accountable... his lyrics were spiritual they appealed to a deeper sense in you. that's why he will go down into history and be remember for all times. cuz he gave us the gift of his life.

hit em up | Reviewer: Hardcore | 3/21/09

Pac is the kind of guy that can be on earth again...i really miss him soo much when he was alive, i really feel for him..How i wish he is alive...anybody that can tell me more about pac should caht with me on to me more fans of tupac...

outsder ready to mingle, wanna mt new faces | Reviewer: Eugene | 7/25/08

What can i say" they a'h said it all...It's a good nigga,love all of his track, even at times nigga usa it get through from him babe. ready to jingle. don't mind any personal contact or who care to chat to tells more about tupac in yahoo. chat on likes to meet

Until the End of Time | Reviewer: Mita | 12/8/07

At first I thought this song was called broken wings,listened to it. But now "until the end of time" makes more sense. Tupac Shakur's lyrics are just amazing.Even though he did not origanally write this song, his rapping skills just mix n' blend in perfectly.

R.I.P. to the "Rose that grew from concrete"

shakur | Reviewer: erol | 11/9/07

wot can i say 2pac is amazing his songs are incrredible all of his songs are fine just rest in peace men and there' is a gheto heaven for ya always take care.

too good | Reviewer: taiwo | 10/21/07

his songs are just too good and they make a lot of sense. this track move to my best rap song long ago , could listen to it a million times and not get bored
rip tupac

The song relates to what is still happenin. | Reviewer: dunstan | 9/5/07

Tupac is the only person that i know tha rapped what he lived. Every lines in the lyrics made sense better than the kind of rap we hear these dayz.

the last goodbye | Reviewer: paul newton | 7/28/07

tupac shakur was / is the greatest rapper of all time bar none. until the end of time is one of many (and im talkin hundreds)of his finest tracks and in my opinion would have been a fitting song to end his ever continuing legacy. one of the best.

rest in peace pac | Reviewer: ibi | 6/29/07

this was 1 of pacs greatest hits and wen i lisen to it it makes me think of hum r.i.p

PAC 4 Life | Reviewer: makaveli | 6/14/07

greatest song the world has seen

tupac rip
u will always be in my heart