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How could he know this new dawn's light
Would change his life forever?
Set sail to sea but pulled off course
By the light of golden treasure

Was he the one causing pain
With his careless dreaming?
Been afraid
Always afraid
Of the things he's feeling
He could just be gone

He would just sail on
He'll just sail on

How can I be lost
If I've got nowhere to go?
Searched the seas of gold
How come it's got so cold?
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How can I be lost
In remembrance I relive
How can I blame you
When it's me I can't forgive?

These days drift on inside a fog
It's thick and suffocating
This seeking life outside its hell
Inside intoxicating
He's run aground
Like his life
Water's much too shallow
Slipping fast
Down with the ship
Fading in the shadows now
A castaway

All gone

They've gone away

How can I be lost
If I've got nowhere to go?
Search for seas of gold
How come it's got so cold?
How can I be lost
In remembrance I relive
And how can I blame you
When it's me I can't forgive?

Forgive me
Forgive me not
Forgive me
Forgive me not
Forgive me
Forgive me not
Forgive me
Forgive me, why can't I forgive me?

Set sail to sea but pulled off course
By the light of golden treasure
How could he know this new dawn's light
Would change his life forever

How can I be lost
If I've got nowhere to go?
Search for seas of gold
How come it's got so cold?
How can I be lost
In remembrance I relive
So how can I blame you
When it's me I can't forgive?

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I <3 metallica | Reviewer: Wrntzn | 3/23/13

Ol i lyk abt metallica is d depth of d lyrics which touchs d soul,unfrgvn 1 2 n 3 are legendary sngs,n m afraid evn metalica itslf cnt produce such beatiful songs in future...ultimate osum songs wid materpiece lyrics,ol unfrgvn sngs r secnd to none..

"Wrong" singing style? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/12

To the dude who complained about James' voice not being right for the song, you're an idiot. He fucking wrote the song, I think he has permission to sing it however HE feels best suits the song.

Death Magnetic | Reviewer: nYa | 6/25/12

First time I listened Death Magnetic, I've said to myself:"What a lame album..." But I was TOTALLY wrong!! After I've decided to give it an another chance, it is a excellent album by the gods of Metal: METALLICA!!! The songs have great lyrics (esspetially Unforgiven 3 and The day that never comes) and sometimes soft sometimes powerfull music!! Metallica Forever!!! two thumbs up!!!

P.S. Excuse my poor english, I'm a french...

Awsome | Reviewer: Imanual | 2/7/12

I like all songs of metallica,but 3 unforgiven songs are my favorite.i listen them everyday.unforgiven 3 is superb song there is no heavy sheet in the song but voice of james touch my heart."how can i be lost,when i've nowhere to go?"
metallica forever... And

Relates | Reviewer: So you dub me Unforgiven | 9/16/11

This whole trilogy of songs always gets to me. The first one reminded me of how I abused at home with my alcholic father abused at school by bullies. And abanonded by my mom. 2 got to me cus when I found out that the girl im engaged to had a bad life too . The song was perfect. 3 because I did hateful things in my past but now I realize that being a good person is how u should live life and I terribly regret hurting my friend and my family and causing them pain and dragging my girl down with me. James Hetfield I feel your pain. If I weren't for Metallica I'd probably would've killed myself

Leading the league | Reviewer: $hrije$h | 3/9/11

This song touches places in my heart which i never knew existed. I absolutely adore this song. The first listen was not too great. Infact this is the only song from Detah Magnetic that I like. But its one at the top of my all time favorite songs.

Best Ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/11

Beautiful song. Captured my heart the first time i heard it and i had to get it. Next day it was on my iPod and BAM!

I was in heaven.

Its touching and moving and an all out amazing, influential song that just gets to me. Cried the first time i heard it. Now, its my lullabye.

unforgiven is the best!! | Reviewer: ashkan | 11/18/10

if you listened to unforgiven 3 and didnt had any feels u r not even a camel!!
james's voice is completely sat on the song!!
i ' ve never ever hear something like that!!
plz dont look at how heavy it is or not!!
just try to feel the song!

Awesome | Reviewer: Kevin | 7/17/10

Its about his mom. That he can't forgive himself for not talking her into taking the cancer medication not money. Like the lines "sinking fast down with his ship fading in the shadows now a castaway" he is saying that his mom left him so fast and his dad left him when he was 13 he is saying that he is now a castaway. This song has so much more meaning than money or friends it's about James' grief for his mom.

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: Saint | 4/23/10

There is a guy who says James' voice isn't suiting the song. I don't blame that guy, coz I think this guy just can't digest change. He is actually sulking over the missing bullhorn! :D
James is awesome in this song!
And it is good even without the bullhorn!

My favorite lines are "How Can I Blame You, When It's Me I Can't Forgive?"

"Its Id,Ego n super Ego" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/10

I think all unforgiven songs have a set of relation.... In Unforgiven I it is about the beginning of human being's ID driven wants n deprivation of them by society...In Unforgiven II it is about intimacy vs isolation, the conflict between to love n to be loved...n Unforgiven III is about Generativity vs stagnation, taking a look to earlier life n asking "Have I done anything productive"...these songs just picturize ur whole life--from choldhood to death..

Liked it... | Reviewer: Max | 3/22/10

i liked it... excpet his voice didnt sound right, he sounded like a little puncy new wave singer, not a 50 year old heavy metal god among men, but other than that and the lack of the gradual horn sound i loved it, lyrics are meaningful and some can relate to it, just like all their other songs

Unforgiven III | Reviewer: Deuce300 | 1/10/10

This is an awesome song right here, unless you truly get the meaning of this song, you will never understand what they are singing about in this song. Stop trying to compare this version with the other 2 versions because you can't. Each version has a different meaning to them.

? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

I don't understand why people keep trying to compare it to the other songs. It is a completely different song with different meaning and from a different album. Music changes, get over it.

I personally love this song and I like his voice in it. It is much different than songs like Battery, but it is still musical and just awesome.

does anyone really understand the metaphors? | Reviewer: jecqua aich | 9/20/09

I didnt like this song at first because it wasnt like the others which kind of relate to each other in obvious ways. but the more i listen to it the more i love it. the lyrics are so damn personal and in depth that its truly amazing someone can write like that. i think if Hett wasnt a musician he damn well should be a writer.

someone told me the lyrics were more about James than the story that is within the first two Unforgiven songs(hence why its so difference). something about him not being able to find that 'more' in life because he wanted money and pushed everyone else away (how can i be lost, if ive got nowhere to go. (symbolising he has no true family or friends) search for seas of gold, how come its got so cold(meaning money cant buy you everything)) and that he cant blame anyone but himself for that. but i think theres something more to the lyrics. AND I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT! its so frustrating! could anyone tell? im not sure

but its a great song and i agree that if you listen to it more, itll sure grow on you ;)

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