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Tech N9ne Unfair Lyrics

Last updated: 11/17/2011 11:00:00 AM

(Intro(Tech N9ne))
And the road gets harder with flow spits
Cuz we represent that Kansas City mo' shit
Double doses, Tech Kalicosis
But ran into a duo that's ferocious
Some of the best, too
Kill you no rescue
They say that you gotta spit hot 16's befo' you step through
And they say everybody
Nigga, even Tech do
Now we gotta explain a journey to the Ces Cru
(Tech N9ne)
I'm on a pilgrimage to the rhyme mecca, because I'm Tecca
And this mind left ya, down at the bottom because N9ne's betta'
And if swines ever find the quest to try and test the cleverness
They in a mess bind and yes I sever, decay 'em and define pressure
I'mma spit it for
Big? wars and not a critic whore
Hit ignore I got a sick core
In this war not when it pours?

Bumblebee tuna
Don't be smellin' like it if you under me rumors
We'll begin about ya hungry poonas
Hopin' wishin' prayin' when it will be soona'!