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Just for the record let's get the story straight
Me and Uncle Tom were fishin' it was gettin' pretty late
Out on a cypress limb above the wishin' well
Where they say it got no bottom say it take you down to Hell

Over in the bushes and off to the right
Two men talking in the pale moonlight
Sherriff John Brady and Deputy Hedge
Haulin' two limp bodies down to the Waters' Edge

I know a secret down at Uncle Tom's Cabin oh yea
I know a secret that I just can't tell

They didn't see me and Tom in the tree
Neither one believin' what the other could see
Tossed in the bodies let em sink on down
to the bottom of the well where they'd never be found

I know a secret down at Uncle Tom's Cabin oh yea
I know a secret that I just can't tell
I know a secret down at Uncle Tom's Cabin
I know who put the bodies in the wishing well

[Guitar Solo]

Soon as they were gone me and Tom got down
Prayin real hard that we wouldn't make a sound
Runnin through the woods back to Uncle Tom's shack
Where the full moon shines through the rooftop cracks

Oh my God, Tom, who are we going to tell?
The Sherriff, he belongs in a prison cell
Keep your mouth shut, that's what we're going to do
Unless you want to wind up in the wishing well too

I know a secret down at Uncle Tom's Cabin
I know a secret that I just can't tell
I know a secret down at Uncle Tom's Cabin
Know who put the bodies, know who put the bodies
In the wishin well
Oh yea

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Just Sayin' | Reviewer: Rock Chick | 1/12/14

Just for the record, let's get the story straight... Jani didn't hate Cherry Pie. He just hated that they are most known for Cherry Pie. Their first single from that album is Cherry Pie, their first video from it is Cherry Pie, the album is Cherry Pie and he became, as he put it, "The Cherry Pie Guy". I hate he's not still here to rock us some more. Listen to the whole catalog of Warrant (the Jani years), and this song and so many others will make you bang your head or shed some tears. They are so much more than "Heaven" and "Cherry Pie". Great songs, yes, but they had so many others.

Title Track | Reviewer: TBOne | 10/18/13

Jani Lane hates Cherry Pie. The name of the album was Uncle Tom's Cabin. It was finished. BUT .. as Tom Petty sang "I don't hear a single." So, he sat down and wrote Cherry Pie. Next thing you know, the album is Cherry Pie, everything is Cherry Pie. That's so sad, considering this is an awesome song. They should have stood their ground and kept the album title - Uncle Tom's Cabin.

This song is stuck in my head! | Reviewer: Old Man Lenny | 11/13/12

A few months ago I was introduced to SiriusXM when I bought a new Chevy.The salesman was demonstrating how to preset favorite stations and I said"let's set my nephews fave,Hair nation".And would'nt you know it,this was the song that was playing when we tuned in.Great combo of mellow and hard rockin'!

military | Reviewer: Angela | 10/17/12

This song struck me right away as inspired by corruption. It came out while I was in the service. The vocals really capture the sick feeling of not being able to trust authorities. I only wish the song did not resonate with so many people. It. S timeless!

Uncle toms cabin | Reviewer: Nikki sttar | 8/19/11

A great song from a great time! I remember jani from the sunset strip in a band called plain Jane.we pushed your bands station wagon to a parking lot and went to see LA GUNS or some band,always liked you bro.To day you are missed by me and many others!

It is true | Reviewer: Ray Roberts | 7/26/11

This song is based on a true story which I related to Bret Michaels the 2nd time I met him while on his tour bus in Alabama; Warrant was with them then although I hadn't yet heard of them, and I met them too; we all sat down and they played around on the guitars while I told them the true story of what happened in my town and together we came up with the basics of the song, and they completed it later; they even called me for ideas about the video and came to the town and parked the bus there to hang out with some friends and me one night and met the sheriff...little did he know then that there was a song being born about him soon to hit the airwaves. When I saw Warrant live the first time in Biloxi, MS, they played this song for the first time and said, this is a song about something that happened right around here (actually 1.5 hours from there is where I lived in southern AL).

Song Reference | Reviewer: Sue | 1/16/11

When I first heard of this song, I thought Warrant were making a song about the pre-Civil War novel. Though after listening to it, I realize that it's not a song about the story, but it's referencing it. The fact that for them to persuade the viewer how corrupted local government is by tying it to Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel that caused more awareness of the social context and corruptness of slavery, to me, makes this a remarkable song. Not only does the words and the title have a vivid message but the music to me go perfectly with the words. In the beginning it's calm and cool were the two main characters are doing all they do, then once the plot gets more intense the music becomes more intense, and at the end when the characters decide to not tell the music dies with the drama. Excellent song. By far one of my favorite songs!! Good lyrics and good music!

corrections | Reviewer: johann | 1/7/11

@china carter: its Dee Snyder, not Deen.

And to the few people who suggest this song starts slow and ends hard, you should listen again. The song starts soft, has a strong climax, then ends with a soft tone again, light accoustical work, harmonica for the bluesy feel, and soft vocals for the finishing touch that was to make this song one of the best of its era.

Possibly my favorite song, and I never heard it untill this summer | Reviewer: space_cowboy | 11/24/09

Saw them live at a tiny little show, in front of 150 in Lancaster, PA. Think this is good recorded? Check them out live as soon as you can. Leave the earplugs at home. They're worth the hearing damage.

what a song! | Reviewer: china carter | 2/26/08

i like this song!! deen snyder played it on the house of hair and i could'nt get it out of my head. i had to check out the lyrics, and whoa!! the lyrics were more than what i bargained for. this is the kind of thing you see in episodes of 'criminal minds' or something.

Boom | Reviewer: Pablo | 7/14/07

wow, this is a grat song, an explotion of sounds, that combination, starts slow and then.. booo!! just rock!

so the the theme of the song, really hard don't you think so?

Government | Reviewer: Bill | 6/22/07

A good song about corruption in government - yes, sheriffs are government. Local government, but still government. It's a showing on a small scale of what goes on in the Federal Government.

uncle tom's cabin | Reviewer: allen | 4/7/07

This song is the bomb starts slow but finishes hard.

Warrant Rocks Hard with this Song!! | Reviewer: Adam DuBois | 1/7/05

This song starts out slow then kicks it up hard and fast with a great musical feast!!

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