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Underworld Two Months Off Lyrics

Last updated: 06/04/2014 05:06:25 PM

There was a little drawing of a heart next to that,
Followed by an exclaimation mark.
The back of his was covered in stuff... stuff like...
Brandon is not a very nice guy, but Alex is sooo nice.
And that had the exclaimation thing too.
It was just silly crap that hit the spot. And he let himself be drawn in.
You bring light in...
To a dark place
Walking in light
Glowing walking in light
Gold ring around you
The hues of you
The golden sunlight of you
You bring light in...
Cool wind following
Following after you
Rising for you
Your skin beautiful
Everything comes natural
Fantastic fan
Rocking rocking floating

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Smasher tune! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/14

The comments above are true this song has something that takes you back in time where things were great too, and can listen to it many times, good job!

This still is one of my favourite songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/11

Once around 2000/2001 I was playing a gig as a deejay and this track had just been released but hadn't received any airtime on any radiostation yet... (those were the days). I was halfway through my set and I decided to drop this fantastic new tune by Underworld and the crowd went really crazy. It's such a beautiful memory, I still get goosebumps if I think about it. Major Tune, Major Album

Love it! | Reviewer: David | 10/9/10

When the song came out in 2002, I could not get it out of my head for months. I re-discovered it again a copule of weeks ago and it's a dejavou!!! The whole album is actually one of the best they ever did.

Two Months Off - Underworld | Reviewer: Joanna | 4/17/10

I have quite a personal experience with this song. A few months ago, I discovered that the person I loved was with someone else, and I was deeply heartbroken. But I listened to this song and it helped to make me feel that my life was better than what had happened with my boyfriend.

it is damn good | Reviewer: gaurav srivastava | 4/3/06

the music is really fantastic. the song can be heard hundreds of times. it is simply fundoo