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Korn Twist Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2013 12:51:14 PM

You're not the right one dumb damn rapper
Not the right goddamn
Who are you to rap shit take off
And who says you're right
On top you think you'r bomb artista
But you're bent out of oooo right
Suck my dick
But don't you think that you're oooo right

Sometimes things might make me ooo ooo it makes me mad
and when it happens, fuck it
ruggid in mind a hint by bite
Why does it not exist in you?
right, shit, why hit in yet another day
woo hoo right
it's not woo hoo right
but you're wrong
Twist, twist, twist, twist

Put me in right now make me mad
prove that your right
somehow your not right, huh
but that doesn't make me mad
right now your're beggin for a little brew
all night
Yeah it's so simple
I had some Red Dog, you hand it over
Twist, twist, twist

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conclusion | Reviewer: pythagorean | 5/9/12

After listening to this song over and over again and trying to read along with these lyrics, I must conclude there are no actual words being said in the beginning vicious sounding part of the song. It doesn't even matter though, this song is unreal good. It sounds like he's pissed and just going ham letting out all his anger using sounds. It gets me so pumped up haha. So sick.

Just Read! | Reviewer: Gestört Mörder | 7/19/11

The only lyrics for this song are "Twist, Twist, Twist, Twist" The rest is called "Scating". So yeah, the only reason I saw these lyrics is because someone "thinks" theirs lyrics to a song like this.

wow | Reviewer: Lol | 12/5/09

I love the person who goes on here and comments we're all dumb asses because we looked up lyrics to a song that has none. When they looked up the lyrics too. -.- But about the song. it's cool. it sounds great. amazing vocals. DONE

Who cares | Reviewer: MaterShake | 4/29/09

I know for a fact that the lyrics are just scat words. I have listened to the song at least a thousand times. I have memorized the song and tried to come up with lyrics but it is literally almost impossible. J.D. even says that there are no lyrics. After the first time they recorded the song they decided to use the for of just plain gibberish instead of going with the lyrics what they planned first. IT WAS A COMPLETE ACCIDENT!

So what! | Reviewer: Aaron | 3/23/09

It doesn't really matter that there arnt any real lyrics, what is written can be used as a guide.
My perpose for using them is for a school performance, im combining Twist and clown!
So there's my reason!

Don't Care | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/09

lol, guys. They werent saying that rap sucks, because the come from a rapmetalish flow. And no, there are no lyrics JD said so himself. Plus, honestly the only thing that even sounds close to these lyrics are suck my dick. ahahha

Hahahaaa!!! | Reviewer: kim | 1/26/09

i got the cd unless im blind i dont see the lyrics!! do you have to get a special editon?? not just not for this song i dont see any thing but cool pictures and thank you note things.
sooooo yeah hahaha cunfused!!! yeah but half the songs he realy is saying things twist idk its just wicked awsome!!!!!

u wanna know the real lyrics.. OK | Reviewer: Everybody is an idiot! | 12/13/08

If you people want to know the real lyrics to the studio version here they are

Yunat ooooh ratat Eeimta eempa pouuu ratatingna oontapuon shrata
Tiika ruunta ouuuhrat dA-tatika maubeautiyata tadousaputa eeeurrraaatt sopentenbidyata Figabeibet eeeuuureaatt sometight thingmy ouuh rigdot eema
Ahimuraha sombi raha ima ahehntabeau rataima
Disaa ouh rah say aheenaraoueeta oouhoora inaua babauuraha
Yatatim ouuuhrat.


Puteh eeuurana Meemat boomdaa beaurat
sihma hamimurata Bathiin uhrahta meemaa aahh uhnda
Biima meaurat ihna Beeeeuurreaatttda
Ah eihse bahuh hiemaheba ina Eeeuurra


P.S. these arent the real lyrics, they're just jiberrish, don't take these lyrics seriously, they were off of a youtube video,jd even says that there are no lyrics to the song,you can listen to live performances and he says different "lyrics" in either live song, yadda yadda yadda, im done


Doubt it | Reviewer: Who Knows | 11/22/08

Anyway, yeah I just listen to the song with looking at the lyrics...I can see some points where it sounds right but other it's really just...well wrong so everyones probably right about it just being scat oh and some Korn Cds don't have the lyrics, don't have Life is Peachy right now so, dunno, but whatever

lol | Reviewer: kia | 10/12/08

okay wow if u people really care that much about one song then ur all insain honestly dose it really matter what the songs about? its a great song and that's all that should matter really if u think about it dose really any of korns songs make since? u really have 2 understand what there talking bout to get the song threw ur head enough to come on a website and look up a lyrics 2 a random GREAT song. lol but i guess that's ur choice have fun with that lol

U people are insane | Reviewer: Dos Mos | 9/28/08

This song isnt about anything!
thats the point of scat. Jonathan Davies has said himself that it dosnt have a point. All the people who say the lyrics are right is because you read them and then listen and tell your self thats wat it says. its the same thing with songs that are backwards.

but rap is shit and commercialzed

There are no lyrics! | Reviewer: wtf | 9/18/08

I have this Album. In the Album it's just scat and gibberish!Also Jon said it himself! Also listen to their live performances, it's different every time! Because there Twist have no lyrics to begin with!

Funny Arguement | Reviewer: | 8/17/08

Lol, if u have enough time to go on lyric sites and bash an artists music you have too much time on your hands, listen to the music and judge it for yourselves. let people think what they want...can someone email me the lyrics for the second half of the song i cant find them anywhere.

the real way | Reviewer: U SUCK! | 8/13/08

My band plays this song and we had the actual book with the actual lyrics and in the book it's just scat singing. So that's the twist of this song. It might be hidden lyrics, but if so, they were meant to be hidden. Either way it's a cool song. So both sides of the argument are probably right. And rap does suck!

MMhmmm | Reviewer: Metalhead | 7/27/08

if you listen to the song alongside the lyrics.... they do sound like hes saying them... but it could just be human error, maybe its like the joke version of 'Oh fourtuna' 'oh four tuna'? it plays the song and has random lyrics agaisnt it