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Buck Owens Truck Drivin' Man Lyrics

Last updated: 03/23/2004 01:46:54 AM

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I stopped at a road house in Texas it was a little place called Hamburger Dan's
And I heard that old jukebox a playin' a song about a truck drivin' man
Pour me another cup of coffee for it is the best in the land
I'll put a nickel in the jukebox and play the Truck Drivin' Man

The waitress just brought me some coffee I thanked her but called her again
I said that old song sure does fit me cause I'm a truck drivin' man
Pour me another cup of coffee...
[ steel ]
I climbed back aboard my old semi and then like a flash I was gone
I got them old truck wheels a rollin' I'm on my way to San Antone
Pour me another cup of coffee...
And play that Truck Drivin' Man

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