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Faith Evans Tru Love Lyrics

Last updated: 02/25/2008 10:00:00 AM

[Verse 1:]
Six Years five months
That's how long we've been havein' this thing
We've got every moment hasn't been perfect
But still when it's perfect it feels
Like we're the only two people who have somethin' real
Now 3 years two weeks
That's how long we've been raisin' our family
And I wouldn't go tradin
The love we got
So don't go changin'
I love you just the way you are

It's true love
When you say you need me like I need you
And you can't be without me
Like I can't be without you
It's true love
When we spend time talking on the phone
Cause when we're not around each other we don't want to be alone
It's true love, love, love, love
Don't you know it's good to be in love, love, love, love
Just believe me truthfully cause
Love is never ever makin you cry
Before I tell you a lie
I'll give my life
Cause that true love

[Verse 2:]
Now when the love is right
Somehow you just know
Because you hold it tight
And you don't want to let it go
And it's so deep inside of you that
You just can't take it cause it fills up your heart
And you just, you can't replace it (Oh no)
Somebody's makin love
Non-stop tonight
And they can't make enough
I know what it feels like
Grab your lover by the hand
Say that you understand
How love really works
So good that it hurts


Cause I don't need nobody but you in my life oh baby
Those of you that understand what I'm sayin'
Sing along with me say
Cause I don't need nobody but
You in my life oh baby
Those of you that understand what I'm sayin'
Sing along with me


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- | Reviewer: ChaRluT | 2/24/2008

ii Fiink That This Song Is Really Good.,
ii like Faith Evans And She Is Aa good Siingerr
It Makesz me fink about me & my boyfren And how strong we are, And i dont wanah loose hiim ! Hes my world .
It;sz good to be in Love,Love,Love (8) (:

love this song | Reviewer: his loveah | 1/28/2008

i love this song it makes me think about people,like my boii,i just cant be without him,this song discribes about me and my boii,but we dont have a family and were not married

Amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/2007

i love this song so much.
every tim i listen to it... i think of my boyfriend. i'm totally obsessed with this song. :]<3

You are really awesome!! | Reviewer: kylee | 5/29/2007

I really like this song, it really tells about life and of course your boyfriend, and I just really love, love, love, love this song!! I think Faith sings really good, and i want her to know that!!

awesome lyrics | Reviewer: simone | 4/4/2007

this song is so overwelming!!! it makes me have really deep thoughts about my boyfriend and i am an inspired song writer so i love songs that have meanings and songs that make me think!!! awesome

This song speaks the truth | Reviewer: Errica | 2/20/2007

I love this song so much because everytime i listen to this song it makes me think about my relationship and how i love being in the relationship with my boyfriend. It makes me want to express my feelings more to him it is such a great song.

The Best Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/2006

I have always loved Faith since she came out, but each and every that she makes gets better and better each time. Her song's are really songs that you can relate too. She is one of the most true artist out. I have Tru Love and this song plays each time he calls.

The most beautiful song in the world. | Reviewer: Lauren | 5/8/2006

Faith Evans has a beautiful voice and is a wonderful singer. Unlike many singers who die off over time, her lyrics get stronger and stronger with each song. This song just warms your soul and it's good to be in love, love, love! :)