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Bob Dylan Trouble Lyrics

Last updated: 11/03/2013 07:09:36 AM

Trouble in the city, trouble in the farm,
Sorcery, alcohol, astrology, a good luck charm
Can't save you from harm.
Trouble in the water, trouble in the air;
I looked for someone to help
And saw Jesus standing there.

Deception, lust, confusion, and greed,
False religions and philosophies
Are packaging lost souls from what they need;
Perilous times of famine, wild fires, floods and drought
Are not stronger than the salvation Jesus's blood bought.
In this world we shall have tribulation,
But be of good cheer - there is redemption!

Persecution, execution, governments out of control;
Looks like trouble everywhere you go...
Revolution even ain't no solution,
Gotta give your life back to God from whence it came;
Make your restitution in Jesus' name;
Repent of sin, ask Him to come in and you'll have peace within;
Our Saviour took the blame, praise His wonderful name!

Put your ear to hear the glory train's spiritual plane in the air;
Seek the Lord with all your heart, and you'll find Him there.
The enemy is defeated at the cross,
Do not fear - greater is the Lord, our boss.
We're only pilgrims passing through,
He has a much better home above for you...
Jesus is building us mansions beyond the sky so blue.

Put your hand to the plow with no turning back,
With faith in Him, they'll be no lack.
Worship Him daily, and read His word;
His promises received by faith
Are the best words we've ever heard!
The enemy is defeated at the cross, so do not fear;
Greater is the Lord, our Boss so dear and near;
Jesus is here in the spirit, He’s here in our soul,
Give Him your life, and to heaven we’ll go!
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