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Greased and slicked down fine, groovy leather trim
I like the way you hold the road, mama, it ain't no sin

Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout

Ooh, trouble-free transmission, helps your oils flow
Mama, let me pump your gas, mama, let me do it all

Talkin' 'bout love, huh
Talkin' 'bout love, ooh
Talkin' 'bout

Dig that heavy metal underneath your hood
Baby, I can work all night, believe I got the perfect tools

Talkin' 'bout lo-oo-ove
Talkin' 'bout lo-oo-ove
Talkin' 'bout

Model built for comfort, really built with style
Specialist tradition, mama lemme feast my eyes

Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout

Factory air-conditioned, heat begins to rise
Guaranteed to run for hours, mama it's a perfect size

Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout

Groovin' on the freeway, gauge is on the red
gun down on my gasoline, believe I'm gonna crack a head

Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout

I can't stop talkin' about
I can't stop talkin' about

Ooh, yeah-ee-yeah, yes, ah, drive on

Ooh, yeah-ee-yeah-ee-yes, I'm comin' through

Come to me for service every hundred miles
Baby, let me check your points, fix your overdrive

Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout

Ooh, yes, fully automatic, comes in any size
Makes me wonder what I did before we got synchronized

Talkin' 'bout lo-ooo-ove
Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout

Ooh, feather-light suspension, Konis couldn't hold
I'm so glad I took a look inside your showroom doors

Talkin' 'bout love
Talkin' 'bout lo-oo-oh-ove
Talkin' 'bout

Ah yeah, ah yeah

Oh, I can't stop talkin' about love
I can't stop talkin' about I can't stop talkin' about
I can't stop talkin' about lo-oh', baby
I can't stop talkin' about love,
I can't stop talkin' about love, my baby, uh, my baby, my baby, yeah

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title and text | Reviewer: viggers | 4/22/14

Why is a song about cars (and sex) have a title of "Trampled Under Foot?" In the tradition of "Terraplane Blues", cars are the metaphor for sex. Indisputable. However....

...In no known universe can a car TRAMPLE anyone under feet it does not possess. Personally I love the absolute dopeyness of almost ALL of Robert Plant's lyrics, especially when he goes for sex over sense!!!!!

I can't stop talkin' bout | Reviewer: Metalyptica | 6/6/13

Plant's "ooooh yeah-ee-yeah" makes 'em girls in front of the stage drippin' honey.

Today's music scene is one big fuckin' joke. What the hell happened to good music? Maybe it's disappearing like everything else good still left on this planet.

it´s everywhere | Reviewer: Ugo | 5/12/13

Dudes, dudes, what are we talking about? Led Zeppelin is all about sex. The blonde good looking lead singer with ultra tight blue jeans, the best good looking guitar player behind a Gibson Les Paul, the baby baby's exhaled like in an orgy in every song...
The lyrics?...maybe they could be talking about Gollum... who cares? It`s sex which totally sourrounds them.

JHB is the greatest!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/12

Watch this song live from Earls Court in 1975. The whole band is fantastic! What really stands out is John's drumming was phenominal on this song. The lyrics are so creative.
A prefect song was born.

no sex, people | Reviewer: Ana | 5/9/12

makes me want to like cars.

and perhaps have sex in one.

but i'm pretty confident, its about cars, not sex.

whole lotta love though, i dont see where its not pointing at hot, steamy sex. someone enlight me.

We know it's about sex but its classy | Reviewer: St. Valentine | 2/12/12

We all know they were talkin bout sex but come on people even shakespeare filled his stories with sexual inuendos. The difference with the inuendos Zeppelin were using are way more creative and poetic then the shit out on the air now days. All "love music" is about is either A. Heartbreak (which honestly some of these are so bad they should just kill themselves) or B. Getting Laid and treating women like objects

wqeqweq | Reviewer: wsdeqeq | 10/12/11

For the person pointing out sexual inuendos please stfu, it was led fucking zeppelin they were getting laid in every city so why wouldnt they make songs about it, "Whole Lotta Love" we all know what it means we are not retarded

Heavy Metal Underneath | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/11

Love all the keyboard work in this song by JPJ! Though this track may have been the precursor to the disco era's "In Through The Outdoors" which was truly a curse for this band to go in that direction!!

There is a lot of sex on this song | Reviewer: John | 2/23/11

What a fantastic song!!!
...and not only!!

Ooh, trouble-free transmission, helps your oils flow (SEXUAL HINT)
Dig that heavy metal underneath your hood(SEXUAL HINT TWICE)

Talking about love (sex) what else?

led zeppelin--review of trampled underfoot | Reviewer: mitch lehrer | 2/22/11

I've listened to this song many, many times since it came out in '75. I had no clue as to the lyrics other than "talkin about love"--way to diificult to decipher until I printed them out today. The lyrics are extremely creative with all of the double entendres, etc. I'm so glad I printed them out!!!!

Koni answer | Reviewer: Pete | 1/9/08

Koni's are high performance shocks for sports and race cars. Google them. I've been listening to Zep for almost 20 years now and I never really paid attention to much of the lyrics. What a cool song (since I love cars, too). It would even be a cool song to sing karaoke with the double entendre and all....

question about konis | Reviewer: matt | 8/14/07

"Konis" mean in the last verse?"
The only thing I could think of is of the brand KONI shocks, going along with the whole car theme in the song, but I could be wrong.

Lyric correction | Reviewer: Michael | 7/25/07

The first verse, as quoted by Robert Plant, is "Greasy slick damn body.....". Also, what does "Konis" mean in the last verse?

amazing | Reviewer: connie | 7/17/07

this band is the best that ever happened to me!this song is just perfect!like all their songs!

Great lyrics | Reviewer: Vic | 5/6/07

I never paid attention to the lyrics 'til today after listening for years to Zep. What a dumbass. The lyrics are awesome. It's so cool to discover something new about something old.

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