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Magazine Touch And Go Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2014 06:19:32 AM

In the corner of your eye
I'm loitering with intent
You can tell me to move on
Cos all of my money's spent

You'r such a big girl
Small world isn't it
You're asking me what I do well
Sometimes I stand and
Sometimes I sit

Now you tell me so
so Its touch and go - for now
why must it be so oh
We'll touch and go - oh wow

You live in a big story
A party to all kinds of things
Inventing excuses

Discovering new sins
You take a thousand
Liberties with me
saying that's the price
For this kind of instant intimacy

Now you tell me so ...

you stroll the pavements
Of a million dark hearts
flaunting your ecstasy...
You take your pleasure seriously

You offer me your hand
Are you trying to catch something
Do you wanna open me or
Do you wanna close me in

Now you tell me so ...
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