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by Paul McCartney

Too Many People Going Underground
Too Many Reaching For A Piece Of Cake
Too Many People Pulled And Pushed Around
Too Many Waiting For That Lucky Break
That Was Your First Mistake
You Took Your Lucky Break And Broke It In Two
Now What Can Be Done For You
You Broke It In Two

Too Many People Sharing Party Lines
Too Many People Never Sleeping Late
Too Many People Paying Parking Fines
Too Many Hungry People Losing Weight

That Was Your First Mistake
You Took Your Lucky Break And Broke It In Two
Now What Can Be Done For You
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You Broke It In Two

Too Many People Preaching Practices
Don't Let Them Tell You What You Wanna Be
Too Many People Holding Back, This Is
Crazy And Maybe It's Not Like Me

That Was Your Last Mistake
I Find My Love Awake And Waiting To Be
Now What Can Be Done For You
She's Waiting For Me

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Paul is dead. | Reviewer: Serpens. | 10/16/14

Why you Faul's fans insist in denying Paul died? When you talk about who wrote this song and post Beatles songs, you are not talking about Paul McCartney, but William Campbell. Doesn't it pisses you to think you were fooled to believe a lie, or is it too much reality to bear?

"To Many People" and the Beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/14

Any combination of one without the other Beatles would never yield what we have experienced. It was the combination of these exact 4 musicians which made them the Beatles. Paul had a good head for business,a talented writer and Professional musician. Lennon was a very talented writer, musician, and major screw up. Harrison was the real guitar player of the three and did not receive the recognition he deserved. Ringo was the best of them all. One of the worlds best drummers. Lets not forget Brian Epstein,and George Martin. It was these 6 people responsible for the Beatles.

A message we can learn from | Reviewer: Russ Beach | 1/16/14

I grew up a huge beetles fan. When the Beetles broke up, many wondered how such talent and success could be gone. If you listen to the hundreds of hits the Beatles had, you could see a difference in personality. I was in college when the Ram album came out. Too Many People put the Beatles break-up in perspective. I always felt that McCartney was the musical genius behind the the groups success. Lennon used his talents to promote a political view point. Harrison used his to express religious belief. McCartney on the other hand used his talents to remind us of life's consequences. His lyrics left you to fill in the blanks with your own life's experience and his obvious musical talent set a mood. This is what set Paul apart as an artist. His use of music caused us to look a little deeper into ourselves. When so many use their talents to promote a personal belief or view point, McCartney used his to force you to think and formulate your own opinion.

Simply awesome ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/13

My point of view is that John without Paul would not have had anything ... Paul is a great musician, is creative, has talent in every instruments he plays. John had a really creative mind and had an awesome vocal sound but musically, i think he was not comparable to Paul. I love the fact that they used their capacity to argue doing music ! That is talent !

too few comments | Reviewer: czech mike | 4/17/12

The greatness of a song or picture lies in its ability to unreveal secret yet be clear on the message.
(sorry, just inspired by these great comments, and yes, this is perhaps one of the 23 key songs in rock history)

Did "Too Many People" justify John's "How Do You Sleep?" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/12

Maybe, but I don't think so. Should Paul be ashamed of his commercial success? I can only imagine John's reaction to Paul's reply, the number one hit, "Silly Love Songs." Just more muzak, John might have thought. I'm a Beatles fan and try to avoid obsessing about John vs. Paul. Was it too much to ask that John and Paul be nice to each other? All that matters is the music.

Paul Was Hungry Again | Reviewer: Tony Joanisse | 4/10/11

Though Paul McCartney auditioned studio musicians, like David Spinozza, for his "Ram" LP, he really laid down most of the tracks himself. That's Sir Paul playing lead guitar on "Too Many People." On this cut, he showed that he was capable of giving any guitarist a good run for his money, giving this song an Arabian feel in the solo. "Ram" was one of McCartney's best, most authentic solo albums, and "Too Many People" was one of his best songs. Yeah, there's a not so subtle dig at John Lennon in the lyrics, but this songs surpasses the Beatles' petty little squabbles when they were breaking up.

A jumping off point, of sorts | Reviewer: A Listener | 4/19/10

I was 11 when this album was released and I played it constantly on my dad's old Fisher stereo, which was a tube driven amplifier with great speakers so everything that was recorded enveloped you like a smooth wave...just took you along. It was shortly after this album that I received my first electric guitar from my parents and this album, and this song in particular, showed me what could be done. I had only to apply myself towards that end. Thank you, Paul, for what a magnificent trip it has been.

Inspiration for the Lyrics | Reviewer: John Hood | 5/1/09

This song was on "Ram" as has been noted, one of the first records I ever had given to me by my parents-my late brother and I listened to it over and over again on a little "Viking" (Eaton's house brand) mono record player. Years later, just before he died, my brother showed me a collection of short stories by the classic author Roald Dahl-I asked him what was notable about it, and he directed me to the titles of the first two stories in the collection-they were called "Piece of Cake" and "Lucky Break"-I instantly saw the connection to the song lyrics.

So it was my brother's contention, and mine as well, that McCartney had obviously been reading some Roald Dahl stories and liked the rythm of those two phrases together, and it must have triggered a thought process about how his ex-partner (Lennon) had broken his lucky break in two. If I ever met McCartney, the first thing I would want to ask him is if he ever liked to read any Roald Dahl stories.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but if you want to write sonfg lyrics, other authors are not a bad place to start...

Simply put. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/08

Aside from all the theories of who this song is about and John this and Paul that, the song is simply awesome, great tune Paul's voice is awesome on this one (as his vocals usually are) powerful song man!
This is one of my favorite tunes by McCartney / and yes.. it has some very interesting lyrics aimed at John.

"She's waiting for me" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/08

This is one of the songs that really set Lennon off, provoking his over-the-top tirade of "How Do You Sleep."
The final dig that made Lennon go nuts was the "she's waiting for me" line, and maybe for good reason, since McCartney has stated that Yoko first approached him, almost to the point of stalking him, hanging outside the front of his house, and he dismissed her, only then she went over to stalking John.
He didn't just happen to meet her at an art show. That was a lie.
This all ties up one of the reasons for the beatles breakup, as will as big reason why they never got back together for anything.
If you think about it, we have two best friends, one of whom rejected the other's, as it turned out, wife.
That can create tension in a friendship, especially with the little tagline at the end of this song.

Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/08

the song was actually a dig at John Lennon, how his career was a lucky break and he broke the lucky break (the beatles) in two, it was one of the first songs that started the musical feud between lennon and mccartney, lennon responded with How Can You Sleep At Night (another great tune)

Significant song; significant impact | Reviewer: Remy DeTata | 3/12/08

This song served as my central mantra as I transitioned into my teen years. Only 10 when it was released, I immediately related to the song's promotion of self-awareness and self-realization. This song's call to seek out one's own way in the world (quite Neitschian, I now know) and just follow the crowd still resonates strongly with me and, like so many of McCartney's other pennings, provides comfort and strength in "times of trouble." Perhaps if Too Many People hadn't taken gluttonous home loans, we wouldn't be in the housing/mortgage/economic crisis currently crippling the nation. Then again, when haven't Too Many People done one thing or another?

McCartney at his best! | Reviewer: Kari McWest | 2/2/08

This song opens one of McCartney's most important albums (to me, anyway), "RAM" (1971), credited to "Paul and Linda McCartney". It opens the album with a strong beat, with fine lead guitar by Hugh McCracken and Paul's obviously-Rickenbacher bass work and acoustic drive at the intro. It is expertly honed yet has a raw edge to it. Listening to this track (and the entire album!) with headphones illustrates Paul's understanding of how stereo should be used. Just as "McCartney" was recorded at home and (almost) all alone, "RAM" has a similar feel in spots. Linda's background vocals are also great in this song, and even though she was often criticized, it fits well in Too Many People. The message of the song is direct and to the point: "There are simply too many people doing and saying too many things and to that end I really don't give crap." This is exemplified near the end with "This Is Crazy And Maybe It's Not Like Me". It was originally slated as a single but was later relegated to the B-side of Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (some copies are double a-sides), Macca's first big hit, even after both Harrison (My Sweet Lord; What is Life?) and Lennon (Instant Karma; Power to the People) had successful singles, as did Ringo Starr with "It Don't Come Easy".

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