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And I wanna believe you,
When you tell me that it'll be ok,
Ya I try to believe you,
But I don't

When you say that it's gonna be,
It always turns out to be a different way,
I try to believe you,
Not today, today, today, today, today...


I don't know how I'll feel,
tomorrow, tomorrow,
I don't know what to say,
tomorrow, tomorrow
Is a different day

It's always been up to you,
It's turning around,
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It's up to me,
I'm gonna do what I have to do,
just don't

Gimme a little time,
Leave me alone a little while,
Maybe it's not too late,
not today, today, today, today, today...


I don't know how I'll feel,
tomorrow, tomorrow,
I don't know what to say,
tomorrow, tomorrow
Is a different day

Hey yeah yeah, hey yeah yeah, and I know I'm not ready,
Hey yeah yeah, hey yeah yeah, maybe tomorrow

Hey yeah yeah, hey yeah yeah, and I know I'm not ready,
Hey yeah yeah, hey yeah yeah, maybe tomorrow

And I wanna believe you,
When you tell me that it'll be ok,
Yeah I try to believe you,
Not today, today, today, today, today...

Tomorrow it may change [4x]

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I wasn't ready for today, maybe tomorrow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/13

this song reminds me of a girl i like.

She is in love with me, but I find it difficult to tell her I love her. It get to a point that she stops chatting with me. I wasn't ready to be in a relationship then and I told her we should just be friends, which made her said something that "Love is worth making but not a mistake. Then I heard this song: Tomorrow, when I told her to listen to it she understand. I listen to this song every night before sleeping.. Tomorrow we may change

maybe it's not to late? | Reviewer: johanna | 5/5/13

i don't know how i feel, just because of him...
I think all the time of him,... For 8months now. But he doesnt makes anything.!! So i'll go on like everyday &hope for tomorrow. Tomorrow for 8months... What should i do? But hey, i dont know how i'll feel tomorrow, maybe another guy comes along?
But not today, because i love his sincere smile:)

It's not about any boy issue. | Reviewer: Amelia | 1/6/13

But lately, I am going through some rough time. Mainly it's because of people I work with. I got a job 6 months ago. And my co-workers and bosses are seriously mean. I cannot even explain how I feel right now. Just getting more and more depressed.
I cannot quit the job in order to maintain my scholarship. So I have to work w/ these people for one more year. One time, I got text message from my boss and cried like a baby in my bed because of the stress. Yeah..... I want to think that tomorrow will be better day and I can quit the job after one more year.
But it just feels like that day will never come to me. you know....... I am huge fan of Avril and this song is one of my favorite. And it's been very helpful. :)

confused about everything | Reviewer: girl on the moon | 1/31/12

theres this boy who i've realy liked 4 ages and he asked me out yesterday but then i just found out my best guy friend also likes me and i gotta say he is realy hot with long blonde hair and amazing blue eyes and we r realy close and we have been 4 a while but then i never realy thought of him and that way and i dont know if i wanna break up with the guy who meant the world to me 3 days ago but i realy dont want to be horrible to my friend who likes me

emOOoo_pUnk | Reviewer: nessa bebs | 5/19/11

..i've tried to believe on him when he told me that everything will be alright,'coz he say so that he would naver leave me"..though im not yet realy ready of losing him,i try to cover up the pain which is i know i cant realy hide"..ouCH!!!

Ur my best | Reviewer: Binah | 4/16/11

I used 2 luv a guy so much.was rili crazy ova dis guy.we dated,he made so many promises 2me.though i believed him,bt none of his promise came 2 pass. & he broke up wiv me 4 no reason...dis song consoles me.

touchy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/11

saw the video only today. and it was heart-breaker. she is my fav and she is always so funky and alive. but the pain there seemed very real and touchy and almost brought tears to mine eyes.
i know i'm late but the feeling still fresh and hit me hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will it ever change? | Reviewer: Nicole | 11/15/10

V1: To me this was about my illness. I was sick for a year and more things kept on going wrong when something got better. and i wanted to believe I'd get better but i couldn't

Chorus: then my depression sunk in and i went all numb. I had no idea what i was feeling and i had no idea what to say to my psychs

V2:and then i became suicidal and it was up to me whether i died. It was up to me when i said i needed help. And if i had a little time and my sickness would leave me alone it might not be too late. But it was. I tried to kill meself 8 times.

and i wasn't ready to fight and things weren't better. so maybe it would be tomorrow. But i still couldn't believe it.

my lost piece | Reviewer: alena | 5/25/10

this song remind me to someone I love so, and I know that he loves me too. we've been together for 8 years!
but, yesterday he broke my heart so deep....
he can't give me assurance to keep stay with him
so, I left him...
Thanks Avril for this song..

brokenheart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

and i wanna believe him but i can't this song reminds me of my x boyfriend he was my every thing but he broke my heart he said to me that he loves another girl and left me alone with my tears and from few days he told me that he loves me and he wants beside him but i'm so tired i dont know if i can believe him another time this song helps me so much and i wish i can believe him <3

How it feels to the very last word. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/10

I had been going out with my boyfriend straight for 5 months and a few days. He broke my heart.He slept with another woman. I knew this. made sure he knew i knew. Wanted to scream, yell, cry..couldn't. Instead i forgave him. I treid to act normal. Like it never happened. Until another lie came up. He was two timing me with another girl, his bestfriend's sister. I found out...had a little talk with him. He said he wanted to change. He needed a break, to get a job, to settle down. He said he wants me..doesn't wanna lose me. He just didnt bring this up because he knew i wouldn't wait for him.He said," you r free".. but one day he would find me again. ask me to be his. Today..i feel that tomorrow i would turn him down. Then again i feel i want him back. right now. i want to beleive him. but i dont. may change.
This song keeps me feeling better. Thanks Avril!!! love ur songs loads. gets me through tough times. :) <3

My Husband | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/09

This song reminds me of my husband. The past few months have been really rough and he always says that it's going to be okay and that he is going to change but he never does and I've heard it so many times that I know he isn't going to. But the other day he broke my heart and he tried to make it right again as usual but I told him I just couldn't believe least not right now.

yes yes godful | Reviewer: aleex | 6/12/09

this song reminds me of a guy i USED to like.
it was really wierd, i really liked him and he really liked me, but then the next week he was all ignoring me and being a total ass. and i wasn't sure whether or not i should keep holding to him, or to let it go. and its like this song, you know, i felt angry at him that first day, and i wasn't sure what i was going to do. so i thought, okay i;ll just forget about whats going to happen tomorrow, and what happens with happen.
but anyway that was like a week ago and now i've realised he's a stupid tosser and a dickhead so i hate him now
=) thanks avril! LOL!

godful | Reviewer: harsha singh | 1/22/09

this song of ur is really one which make me fells the existence of god....i listen this songs more than hundred times ..but still its have a loveable place in my heart.....(its just a compliment in disguish)

tomorrow | Reviewer: Jane | 1/29/08

"I'm not ready" I didn't use to like this words...but now, I know that I can save my tomorrow for another guy...and whatever happens, this song's still so great

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