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Laura Nyro Timer Lyrics

Last updated: 08/15/2007 11:00:00 AM

Uptown, goin down, ole life line, walkin down faster, walkin with the master of Time.
My lady woke up and she broke down, she got up, she let go,
Take me Timer, shake me Timer, Timer let it blow, let it blow-

My darling friends, oh, I belong to Timer, he changed my face.
You're a fine one Timer, you got me walkin thru the gates of Space.
I keep rememberin indoors that I used to walk thru
Baby, I'm not tryin to talk you down.
But I could walk thru them doors onto a pleasure ground.
It was sweet and funny, a pleasure ground.
Didn't know about money, didn't know about Timer, did not know about Timer.

Holdin to my cradle at the start but now my hand is open
and now my hand is ready for my heart.
So let the wind blow Timer
let the wind blow Timer/ I like her song.
And if the song goes minor, I won't mind.
And Timer knows the lady's gonna love again.
If you don't love me
The lady rambles never more
if you love me true
And if you love me true, I'll spend my life with you - you and Timer.
You're a jigsaw Timer, your're a.../God is a jigsaw
a jigsaw Timer
Youre'e a jigsaw Timer, You're a.../God is a jigsaw
a jigsaw Timer
Timer soulin with Timer, soulin with Timer, soulin with Timer, let it blow-

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Did Not Know About Timer | Reviewer: Ralph Bruno | 8/14/2007

ELI and the THIRTEENTH CONFESSION is an example of the superb talent Laura Nyro possessed for blending Tin Pan Alley and the Brill Building. Laura listed herself on the vinyl back cover as "the writer, composer, voices, piano and witness to the confession."
It is widely accepted that her earthy musical style and candid sexual imagery are about her men, e.g. Eli's Coming,""December's Boudoir," and "The Confession," e.g. “love my lovething – super ride inside my lovething.”
Her bi-sensual style in "Emmie" has become accepted as an open expression of same-sex attraction on Laura's part. The actual person, if a particular person, is still an intriguing poser.
She was reported to have said at concerts that the song "Timer" was about one of her pets. The opening musical phrasing conjures a pace and the lyrics evoke an imagery of a dog walk.
The song is her musings about love, e.g. "you're a fine one Timer you got me walking thru the gates of Space."
But, who was "My lady…, she broke down, she got up, she let go."?
Who was the muse for "I like her song and if the song goes minor - I won't mind"?
Who is being put on notice in “And Timer knows the lady’s gonna love again if you don’t love me” and “The lady rambles never more if you love me true” and
“If you love me true - I’ll spend my life with you - you and Timer.”?
Any doubt as to the lover being a woman was dispelled by Laura’s redacted version of “Timer” performed on May 30, 1971 in live concert at the Fillmore East. It becomes apparent when viewed in the context of the song “American Dove” which was Laura’s love song to her fiancé, a decorated Vietnam war veteran. Both songs were released on SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY.
Is the woman also the inspiration for “Désiree” on the album Gonna take a miracle?
Is it the young woman silhouetted with Laura on the back cover of the vinyl album jacket of ELI and the THIRTEENTH CONFESSION?
The picture is worth 1,000 confessions and renderings of the image are an easy find on-ine.
The songs are a treat, a treasure trove of her musical precocity and lyrical poetry. Even though the silhouetted picture is not on the back of the CD, the re-mastered songs beat the dust off the vinyl.

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the meaning of Timer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/2007

I think that Laura is speaking of the passage of time and how it changes us, especially with regard to love. She objectifies herself by saying "my lady" but she's talking about herself. She compares time to a jigsaw, a type of saw that cuts curved and rounded shapes. She's saying that time takes our life in many directions. Incidentally, I think that the line might more logically be "sawing with timer" rather than "souling with timer". This completes the metaphor of time taking us in unexpected directions and, indeed, cutting us.

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I LOVE LAURA | Reviewer: John Boland | 4/21/2007

and I love Timer...
but what does it mean...
I miss you Laura


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