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If ever words were spoken
Painful and untrue
I said I loved but I lied
In my life
All I wanted
Was the keeping
Of someone like you
As it turns out
Deeper within me
Love was twisted and pointed at you

Never ending pain, quickly ending life --


You keep this love, thing, love, child, love, toy
You keep this love, fist, love, scar, love, break
You keep this love, love, love
You keep this love, love, love
You keep this love,

I'd been the tempting one
Stole her from herself
This gift in pain
Her pain was life
And sometimes I feel so sorry
I regret this the hurting of you
But you make me so unhappy
I'd take my life and leave love with you

I'd kill myself for you, I'd kill you for myself --


No more head trips


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The other side of "love" | Reviewer: headbanger | 3/7/13

This song brings back every fight and bad breakup and reminds me of how "love" can turn into something disgusting, painful, and hateful.

This is the "love" that makes you so miserable you think the only way to feel better is by cutting out your own heart or cutting her head off.

HI | Reviewer: HelloRab | 4/19/12

Love this song so many of the darker sides of love can be felt from it and seeing the lyrics really helps understand it better......PANTERA RULE MY MUSIC LIBRARY!!! This is my mate Dans favourite Pantera tune too!

FUCK LOVE.... | Reviewer: Tia | 10/20/10

This is a fucking great song! It's love in a hateful way, well put. It's means a lot and I love it! It gets me through anything. And yeah, Pantera is one thing great to happen to music! RIP Dimebag....

Music | Reviewer: Second | 8/16/10

The song was meant 2 satisfy heavy listnrs n hell yeah! it complitely satisfy me. The lyrics was great. Says it all wat love is n how love stings wen u found some2 love. All thx 2 screaming phil n the band 4 makin heart pumpin music. Tak care

This Love | Reviewer: Protek | 12/17/09

I think it's a great song that says clearly how sometimes the love can fucked up your whole life 'cause sometimes you give all to other and the other just give a piece of shit, so, I think we are here just for understand how to love ourselfs and if in the way you meet someone, live it, learn for it and take the best of it, don't trying to wait something from that person

Many thanx

Pantera rules forever!!!

Relationship Abuse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/09

The song is about an abusive man who cannot feel anything towards the women his supposed to love. He views and see's her as a possession and the only way he feels anything for her is when she's hurt and in pain as it makes him feel in control of her and, also through this 'torture' and her choice to continue 'loving' him, reasures him that his important to her and that she loves him; even though he feels nothing in return.

The pain and hurt inflicted aswell as also bringing down her self esteem reassures him of keeping this power over her; making sure she stays with him through the feeling of helplessness. Also at the same time it makes him unhappy to watch her continuously crawl back to him and 'love' him as the more he abuses her the more unhappy he gets and wants to leave as he feels he isn't "good enough" but if she did leave he'd draw her back in regardless as she's the only one he feels anything for and wants.

Their music.. | Reviewer: Angela Lynn | 9/4/09

make me get in a relaxing state of mind but also pumps me full of energy .. it's weird.. i've been listening to them since i was a little girl. . they have always been my favorite band and always will. This song is my favorite.. I blast it up at least once a day. Thanks for your wonderful music pantera!! peace!!

fuck love | Reviewer: tony | 6/16/07

the only thing i l0ove in this world is me and my self i know that sounds shallow but face it love sucks love can tune in to lust and lust can turn in to love face the fact love is a fucked up thing and i am not trying to put words in phils mouth but he might say fuck love just like i am but wat im saying is who ever said better to have loved then lost is better then have not love at all they needed a nice pipe over the head so i leve u with this fuck love and PANTERA IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER CAME TO MUSIC

Love Sucks | Reviewer: Abdul Wasim | 5/17/07

When you listen to this song you feel what you've been through after she left you. You hate her for that but later on you realise what was the reason behind all this and you feel sorry for all the hate inside you. The song is all about it your feeling and your sorrow. Well written and sung by PANTERA. Kick Ass PANTERA RULES!!

walk | Reviewer: Megan | 1/22/07


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