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Lying all alone and restless, unable to lose this image
Sleepless, unable to focus on anything but your surrender

Tuggin' a rythm to the vision that's in my head
Tuggin' a beat to the sight of you lying

So delighted with a new understanding
Something about a little evil that makes
That unmistakable noise I was hearing
Unmistakable sound that I know so well

Spent and sighing with a look in your eyes
Spit and sweatin' with a look on your face like

Sweet revelation, sweet surrender,
Surrender, surrender, surrender

Tuggin' a rythm to the vision that's in my head
Tuggin' a beat to the sight of you lying

So delighted with a new understanding
Something about a little evil that makes
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That unmistakable noise I was hearing
Unmistakeable sound I know so well

Spent and sighing with a look in your eyes
Spent an sweatin' with a look on your face like

Sweet revelation, sweet surrendering
Sweet revelation, sweet

Thinking of you, thinking of you,

Sweet revelation, sweet surrendering
Sweet revelation...

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where did you hear that.... | Reviewer: Astaroth | 7/4/12

As the previous comment said, on the DVD commentary Maynard says its about masterbating whilst thinking about having anal sex with someone. But the main reason I wanted to comment is in reply to the person who said Maynard's dad raped him as a kid. Where did you hear that? I've been reading and listening to interviews with Maynard for years and NOT ONCE has he EVER said that! If you have seen the movie "Blood into wine", in the part where Maynard is discussing spreading Judith's (Maynards mum)ashes - for a a split second you see Maynard with his dad at the vinyard. If he was raped by his dad, do you really think he would have him out at his vinyard in Arizona. There is a lot of speculative rumours that he was abused as a kid - but to my knowledge he has not once ever said he was.

Maynard Himself Said It | Reviewer: Garrett | 6/7/12

Go watch the emotions video with maynards commentary. He claims its about masturbating to anal sex. That's right MJK himself says it's about masturbating to anal sex. You don't have to accept everything but be open to it.

Masterbation | Reviewer: Tugger | 4/21/12

Th song is about jacking off... "tugging a rhythm to the vision inside my head"

Wtf do you think that has to do with anal sex or psychedelic drugs? What do you tug to a rhythm when your smoking DMC??? What do you tug to a rhythm when your sticking your dick in someones ass????????,,???

Ge tyour heads out of your asses...

You grow up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/12

A lot of his songs have to do with his father raping him when he was a child. not all tool and apc is souly about drugs, they do have a mind and thoughts. they might incorporate a lot of drugs into their music but its all a lot deeper than a fucking drug, a lot deeper. so you grow up

Only one way to know the truth. | Reviewer: Soul Crusher | 11/27/11

Anyone is a fool for thinking any Songs of Tool or APC have anything to do with buttsex. grow up and learn something about PARABLES!

That unmistakable noise I was hearing
Unmistakable sound that I know so well

That is one obvious key. DMT.
There is only one place you hear a certain sound.
He is talking about DMT.

delighted with a new understanding
Something about a little evil that makes
That unmistakable noise I was hearing
Unmistakeable sound I know so well.

When you do DMT there is a little evil involved. You have to surrender yourself to see the big picture. DMT is terrifying if you are closed minded and try to grasp onto your small minded thoughts of religion. grow up. Thats all there is to it. You cannot disprove anything I've said if you have never smoked DMT before. Smoke it to this song. Maynard and adam jones have been into the occult for sometime. They have even learned how to incorporate magick without words, to use rhythm to replace words. You can summon daemons with sound alone. The world is made of thought.

hot quit yer bitchin'! | Reviewer: dork | 8/18/11

who honestly cares?
It's prolly about anal, but I always heard it as a bdsm scenario from the view of the dom. And that's because I hear what turns me on in this song, and I'm kind of lesbian, so maynard writing about men doesn't really make me picture guys.
It's about dominant sex in any case. get over it. masturbation is fine, anal sex is good if that's what you're into, and people can write what they damn well please. Note that most music from the 60's upward is about sexual encounters...this is just more obvious than others. If you can't handle that, well, stop being a prude or stop listening to rock. Classical, so I hear, is lyricless and unoffensive.
If you picture something else to the song that isn't as gay as its original meaning, don't freak out and be a 'phobe, just enjoy the damn song. It's one of the most provocative songs I have on my computer, by far, and well done, of course. And please, quit declaring that the song isn't about anal just 'cause Prison Sex is...people can have -multiple- songs about the same subject, I do believe (stinkfist).

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/11

Well.. in the commentary from the DVD maynard does say this song is about anal sex... but can you take maynard seriously? then again, is obvious the song is heavily the fact that lyrics say "sweet surrendering".. i feel that there is a lot involved with surrendering when it comes to anal sex.. so perhaps maynard was being true about the meaning of this song.. In any case, I really enjoy the sexual content... Perhaps is about masturbation -thinking about- anal sex- and the idea of his lover's surrender turning him on.

different folks, different strokes | Reviewer: sam | 2/21/11

I am sure Maynard loves the fact everyone has a different image to the same song. We all know ANYTHING said or printed can be intepreted many ways. If it couldn't then metaphors and the like wouldn't be used and music would be bland and not passionate. Take the song how you like, but considering Maynard IS passionate towards males, many of his songs are in fact about carnal encounters with these men...hence the anal sex...he can't just come out and say "when I stick my p in you a I get all gooey from that look you make" - the song would just sound moronic then. So, of courss you won't automatically see "anal sex", but make NO mistake, to Maynard, the song is about a sexual ecounter from the rear. To us, it could mean anything or the same. Keep in mind, Maynard is into males, HIGHLY political, and nonconformist... so either its politic, sexual, or about society's weak little bubble.

Love this song | Reviewer: DMC | 1/25/10

It's hot and dirty and sexy, doesn't matter about whether its about anal sex, sex sex, masturbating, anyone can interpret it as they will, which makes it awesome. For the people that don't understand all the references to anal, you haven't listened to enough Tool.

Think About It . . . | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/09

Ok, so it seems this is about sex..but I've heard through a few sources, that this song is about Maynard missing his band mates from TOOL, and I can see that in the lyrics too just as much as I can the sex...
(look over the lyrics again keeping TOOL in mind & I think you'll find it)

Pay attention | Reviewer: Seanzy | 11/4/09

Well I could give a shit what the REAL meaning of this song is. I like it.. It appeases me.. That's at that matters for me :)

According to the commentary this was the last song that was done up for Mer De Noms. And yes it's about anal sex(As per Maynard's commentary). If you watch the DVD that has all 13 official videos it will tell you this.

The small minds of today :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/09

To stop the bickering, the song is about masturbating, and using the thoughts of anal sex that he's previously experienced, wether you like it or not, Maynard has declared this already, thanks.
Masturbation also isn't disgusting, in fact, it's quite healthy (for males at least) to do it on the odd occasion.
If you think this is disgusting, then I think you should stop listening to A Perfect Circle, and A LOT of other bands, and maybe stay away from real life, and even don't have sex, because you're obviously too immature and can't handle it.

um its maynard... | Reviewer: Josh | 6/22/09

Look bottom line the song was written by marynard he has said it many times, his songs are about they make YOU feel. That's the beauty in music. And I agree the song is in no way related to anal sex that's "prison sex"

i love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/09

disgusting? are you serious. i love this song. makes me hot just listening to it. i feel sorry for you seeing as masturbation is so "disgusting". somethings wrong with you not the song. where is the anal sex thing coming from? you don't have anal sex alone look at the first line dumbass

Yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/09

To me its about a guy masturbating to the image of his gal letting him have sex with her for the first time and he is still totally giddy about it. I dont know why people keep saying anal sex. I don't see that anywhere in here.

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