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Sarah Brightman Think Of Me Lyrics

Last updated: 05/12/2013 02:07:50 PM

Christine (Sarah Brightman)
Think of me
think of me fondly,
when we've said
Remember me
once in a while -
please promise me
you'll try.

When you find
that, once
again, you long
to take your heart back
and be free -
if you
ever find
a moment,
spare a thought
for me ...

We never said
our love
was evergreen,
or as unchanging
as the sea -
but if
you can still
stop and think
of me ...

Think of all the things
we've shared and seen -
don't think about the things
which might have been ...

Think of me,
think of me waking,
silent and

Imagine me,
trying too hard
to put you
from my mind.

Recall those days,
look back
on all those times,
think of the things
we'll never do -
there will
never be
a day, when
I won't think
of you ...

Raoul (Steve Barton)
Can it be?
Can it be Christine?

What a change!
You're really
not a bit
the gawkish girl
that once you were ...

She may
not remember
me, but
I remember
her ...

Christine (Sarah Brightman)
We never said
our love
was evergreen,
or as unchanging
as the sea -
but please
promise me
that sometimes
you will think
ah-ah-ah-ah-aaah-of me!

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Beautiful | Reviewer: Silvia | 5/11/13

This song is beautiful, no matter who sings it. It makes me think of this boy I like who moved to Alabama (I live in Wisconsin). I think about him all the time, and I always wonder if he thinks of me.

David Archuleta's Version of "Think of Me", by Sarah Brightman | Reviewer: Lindsay | 6/19/08

I really like this song. I was never a big fan of David Archuleta on American Idol (Season 7), but I realized he did sing this song and others well. My fave was always and will always be Michael Johns, though. I also really like Carly and David Cook, too.

Love it | Reviewer: Rebecca | 8/8/07

this song is wonderful. to me the phantom of the opera is the best movie/musical ever made

i like it | Reviewer: danielle cranson | 3/28/05

i think sarah brightman has a great voice.Think of me is a wonderful song which is featured in the film 'The Phantom Of The Opera' and still then i love the song, i think you should download the song and listen to it yourself.