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The Who They Made My Dream Come True Lyrics

Last updated: 05/20/2013 08:44:58 PM

People died where I performed
People cried when Glass deformed
Shots rang out as the singer yawned
The band played on until the dawn

Lies and drunks and drugs and fools
Tricks and stunts disguise the tools
Was the victim dead, was there blood in pools
Was this not part of show-biz rules?

They made my dream come true
They made my dream come true
They made my dream come true

Thanks to Crystal Hobbs / for submitting They Made My Dream Come True Lyrics.

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Townshend Nails The Rock Life: A Deadly Game | Reviewer: Dr. Mitch Biermann | 5/20/13

Peters a genius!!!
This song in few lines tells the tale of the countless musicians who have fallen victim to the siren-song of the rock life.

So for his friends Keith Moon, John Entwhistle , Terry Kath, Jimi Janis and Jim and others

Thank you Pete.

By the way listen to his plaintive singing as he says "You made my dreams come true"


Thanks Pete!