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Vanessa Carlton The Wreckage Lyrics

Last updated: 07/14/2009 11:00:00 AM

Into the horizon
Dreaming of the siren
Wishing for her broken glass on the highway
It could be so easy

The rhythm
Rhythm of an engine
Always makes me empty
I see the headlights coming at me
I can’t help but wonder

Flying in slow motion
Wind through my hair
And ripping through the scenery, oh, the wreckage
It is my secret need

Into the horizon
Dreaming of the siren
Wishing for her broken glass on the highway
It could be so easy

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.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/09

It's the perfect hidden track. Making it a hit would take away the beauty and complexity of the song. It's not about the horror of being in a wreck or whatever you all are talking about. She has painted a picture with words. Imagine yourself driving, all alone, on the highway...with nothing to listen to but your thoughts and the rhythm of the engine. Have you ever thought- even for one fleet, passing moment- about how easy it could be to just swerve slightly left.....

I don't even think it's about wanting to end her own life, as I've heard some people say.. it is just a poetic way of capturing those few seconds of panicky, need for control, that many of us have felt at least once or twice.

A Song Every Teen Should Hear | Reviewer: Kimberly | 12/10/08

This song is an exact thought in someone who is getting into a brutal car crash's mind. A lot of teens think they are invincible when they go out for a drive. But I think every teen should hear this son and really listen to the lyrics because it has taught me a wonderful lesson. You really can picture the wreck in your mind and its a horrible sight. I just want everyone to know that htey need to be careful and take care of themselves.

It should be a single !!! | Reviewer: Ernesto | 1/4/05

Why a hidden track ? i mean it is really deep, if Vanessa put a little bit of more lyrics to the song it is going to be a super hit, the same i say for : "Half a week before the winter", it is an amzing song, just like the wreckage, Vanessa should launch them as singles, but right now i think that the next single should be : "who´s to say",´cause she needs a hit.

Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/04

I love the beginning, before she starts playing the piano. It's sound soo creepy. She words it perfectly and you can picture a car wreck in your mind.

why a HIDDEN track? | Reviewer: michelle | 11/15/04

"the wreckage" shows true emotion, and vanessa sings it as if it were the deepest truth she knew. you can relate to this song very well. it deserves to be a lot more than a hidden track!