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Coheed And Cambria The Willing Well II: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness Lyrics

Last updated: 01/29/2013 09:59:58 AM

What is this that I feel and what is this that I fear?
In these arms that whored out amongst the worms
That mate in these fields
From pressure to pain I wish to stay awake
In the measure I test with your love for me
To shout against these walls
With hope that one will break free
So hear me...

What is this that you keep selling me, boy?
I'm not gonna hold your hand here when you walk
You'll burn in hell while they're digging you out

So picture this face and burn it to flake
To shelter it at home at the fireplace
And all but memory will fade
With the flick of the flame
So I have a secret that no one should know
That I shouldn't tell
But of all the... but of all the worlds
This one won't feel...
This one just won't leave me well

What is this shit you keep selling me, boy?
I'm not gonna hold your hand here when you walk
You'll burn in hell while they're digging you out
I'm not gonna hold your hand here when you walk
You'll burn in hell

In the press of your back
Do you feel the shore swells
Oh boy, I'm eating my way back home

As father told son in the make of his final escape
Should all good boys die with God at their side,
At the grace of his gates?
No, the Robot holds none with the mind
And a heart to comply
Then I will disguise and grieve of those dead
When I'm given the time

Run little rabbit...
Go hide in the blades of that grass...
Run rabbit run

Should capture be our earnest fault?
Breathe up through lust, I'll find your cure
In there I'll kill... in there I'll kill

With your last breath of air
As the Earth comes trembling down
Would you give her this last night
And give up your life

With your last breath of air
As the Earth comes trembling down
Would give her this last night
The love of your life

No one runs faster than you can
No one runs faster than you
No one runs faster than you eat
Off to the end with to the end with you

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Coheed or GTFO. | Reviewer: Ghost the Redeemer | 1/29/13

I absolutely love this band.
I write quite a bit, I've been on and off writing a "novel" using the names of a few characters and their stories. Whenever I write poems or songs, my friends tell me it sounds like something either Claudio or Serj would write. I can say those two individuals have been the biggest musical influence in my life, and I would love for them to get together and make a few songs. My life would be complete after that.

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

Coheed is the best Their popular songs are awesome but there are so many ones that should be anthems on the radio all the time. In keeping secrets, time consumer, three evils, the crowing, the light and the glass, cuts marked in the march of men, too many to write here, but everyone should check out all their songs. Huge cult following, awesome guitar and singing. This song is one of the best too. NO ONE RUNS FASTER THAN YOU EAT.

Nice | Reviewer: johnboc | 12/8/09

Thanks for getting these right, lots of other sites have them wrong, fucking amazing band. I'm surprised none of you mentioned Delirium Trigger, by far one of my favorite songs ever. That song pumps me up. I come out to the ring with it on and wreck fucking house

Love it | Reviewer: Tony | 5/3/09

Giant Coheed fan too, I even got one of Claudio's hair ties! When I first heard this song it reminded me of like..1920's vaudeville, and I kinda wanted to dance (I was walking down the street, so that would have been weird) Yep, great song, I think it's about The Writer argueing with Ambellina, thnking she's Erica

Coheed And Cambria | Reviewer: Dominating at Yugioh | 12/30/08

coheed and cambria is the best band ever. me and my girlfriend love their songs our favs are favor house atlantic, devil in new jersey city, once upon your dead body, and more. we went to one of thier concerts it was awsome!!

Coheed has the best | Reviewer: Claudio | 12/8/08

OVerall this is one my fav songs. COheed leads in my fav band sections with such a momumental difference its amazing. but like msot you guys have been nameing the more famous songs. a fe wi think you might like would be : Everything Evil, GrVEMAKES & gunslingers, The hound (of blood and rank)my very fav song)) and thsoe are probobaly the best of coheed besides the others already named.

GAH! | Reviewer: Ryan | 3/24/08

I'm like one of the biggest Coheed and Cambria fans ever, most people say i'm obsessed and I have to agree. Anyways, does anyone know what is being said in the background during the "In the press of your back, do you feel the shore swell. Oh boy, i'm eating my way back home." line? It's bugging me! I just wanna know what it says.

Haha. | Reviewer: Eclipse | 3/16/08

Me and my boyfriend crashed to this song in the car. Such a cheery sounding song at the start and the we skid and crashing into a wall and roll over a couple of times. We stop and the only sound we can hear is this song still playing on the radio.

I like this song, And Ten Speed. Brings back memories though. =o

OMG | Reviewer: Kristabelle | 1/13/08

Wow. Okay, yeah. This is my favourite song of all time. Right up there with "Wake Up", "The Suffering" and "Favor House Atlantic". I love this song. I could listen to it over and over and never get tired! "The Suffering" is mine and my bf's song, its actually his caller ring id. Lol.