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Within Temptation The Swan Song Lyrics

Last updated: 01/30/2014 06:01:24 PM

Winter has come for me, can't carry on.
The Chains to my life are strong but soon they'll be gone.
I'll spread my wings one more time.

Is it a dream?
All the ones I have loved calling out my name.
The sun warms my face.
All the days of my life, I see them passing me by.

In my heart I know I can let go.
In the end I will find some peace inside.
New wings are growing tonight.


As I am soaring I'm one with the wind.
I am longing to see you again, it's been so long.
We will be together again.


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life | Reviewer: insane master | 1/29/14

this song is about somone who is in great pain of lossing not just one thing but many things in his life. this song tells us about hope that never dies. you know you have lost something but you dont want to accept it keep clinging to our past but then life keeps moving so do we. we find some new things to live for every time. it tells about your never ending love for someone who you know is gone but still you want to belive that she might come back some day and you are ready to wait untill the etrnity.

New chance | Reviewer: Solarian | 4/13/12

So, someone wrote, that the 'me' in the lyrics is close to death. Personally, I think she lost someone by making mistakes. So she sees no meaning in life. Then somehow, the loved one/ones 'call her name', remember her, find a wazy nack to her. This feelink gives the new wings to carry on. This is the swan song, the end of something, but it can be a new begining.

M.F | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/11

I really really can touch this song,it's full of emotion,u know now a days i'm in sad mood and when i listen this it makes me cry and then relax me,i Love WT with whole of my being,all their songs are match with my feelings,LOVE u SHARON too

M.F | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/11

I really really can touch this song,it's full of emotion,u know now a days i'm in sad mood and when i listen this it makes me cry and then relax me,i Love WT with whole of my being,all their songs is match with my feelings,LOVE u SHARON too

near death | Reviewer: Silverlily | 9/25/10

When I listen to this song, I usually am near tears. It's beautifull and touching. For me, it is about longing for your loved ones that have long since passed on and wait for you on the other side. The singer feels that they are near death and don't cling to life anymore. While their life force is fading, they accept their fate and let go of what binds them to life, anticipating to meet their loved ones on the 'other side'. By the third verse I'd say they have died, and are now on their way to heaven - or whatever afterlife you believe in. That's why they've grown wings and are now flying to their destination.
All in all an amazingly breath-taking song, like most (or all) of Within Temptation!

My Song | Reviewer: Victoria C | 6/26/10

This songs helps me get through the hardest times. Being a teenager, I've made mistakes - but I don't have any regrets. My mom, however, grounds me by taking everything from me. I can't see my friends, everything leisurly on my computer is blocked (except for music), and my phone is taken away. Usually, these punishments can last for months at a time, and I often find myself alone. In missing everyone and fighting to get things back to normal, this song is what always comes to mind.
I have strong chains on my life, and soon they'll be gone. New wings are growing and I'll make it through. My friends are all waiting for my return and I'm longing for us to reunite.
I definitely concider "The Swan Song" to be my own, because I keep leaving like this, but I always get back through. </3

WT Forever~

The Video! | Reviewer: Z.Y.N | 5/12/10

I wish they're thinking about making the video of this song! I've had many ideas in my head about how the video going to be. Of course I would make Sharon as beautiful as the swan.

This song is brilliant and metaphorical. Just like a swan when winter came, they're migrating and hide themselves from cold winter and when spring comes, they came out and grow new feathers. When I found the title, I was amused by it's Gothic title and the music was scary, sad, and Gothic, but Sharon add beauty to this song. I always love Within Temptation since their songs always have metaphorical meanings.

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/10

This song is definitely NOT about suicide or longing to die. It is about someone who feels their "time" is coming. I don't know about other religion but in Islam, it is described as this: you can feel your death is coming as early as 100 days but not everybody can feel this. It just sort of some tingling feeling (not sure how) But when it comes to 40 days before your death the feeling is stronger. You can literally hear or see your loved ones who are long died. Also, your soul is not here anymore only your body is, like in the lyrics "all the days in my life I see them passing me by" Often you will stare into nothingness and you do things you normally don't do. Yet with all this signs you cannot tell anyone that you're going to die. You wanted to but you just can't. Anyway, you won't give that much thought because you're going to leave this world anytime soon. I really love this song. Reminds me of my deceased family

Wonderful | Reviewer: Lily | 12/16/09

This song is beautifuland very moving, yet it speaks of the longing to die..."the swan song" is also a very fitting name as it describes the last song a swan is said to sing before it dies. The soft beauty and underlying hopelessness of this song make a breath-taking combination. Not many people can create something both sad and beautiful at the same time...but thingsong pulled it off. I love it!!!

*Pure Thoughts* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/09

A breath taking song. Another fantastic creation of the 21st century. It brings up all my thoughts... about my childhood. Reminds me of a lone swan in the dying sun on a beautiful lake, in heavenly bliss. A favourite forever.

the lord of the rings. | Reviewer: m | 9/10/09

Very symbolic song. I wonder if it has been inspired by tolkien (book or movie). The last part of Tolkien's book Frodo leaves in 'swan boats' anf thats symbolises him dying. Swan song itself in english is when the swan sang the last time before it died. So beautiful

Unique | Reviewer: The Poet | 6/5/09

I love this song!! It is amazing but the meaning is there. Sharon has a beautiful voice and she uses her talent well. It's chilling, soothing, and tear jerking at the same time. Simple but moving. This song actually helped me create a character in my mind that I'm going to write about. I also like Our Farewell and I really love Pale. Within Temptation is so unique. You can't find music like this anywhere else. Nightwish is good too but I like Within Temptation more.

Emotional | Reviewer: The Poet | 6/5/09

Geez, I was in the middle of a review and the power went out for a second! Okay, let's try this again. =)

I almost wish this song was a little longer but sometimes the shortest songs carry the most emotion like The Swan Song! I think this song holds greater emotion than some people can. Very emotional and beautiful.

beautiful and breathtaking | Reviewer: Heather | 6/1/09

This song reminds me of someone starting a new life and leaving their loved ones behind. I know that it's called the swan song but I think it's metaphorical and that everyone can relate to it. but what led me to feel this is the words " the chains to my life are strong but soon they'll be gone" Then again it might be a song about suicide but I think everyone finds their own emotional understanding in songs.

Reborning memories | Reviewer: Raul | 4/4/08

This song reborns me so many memories from my childhood...the sound effects are excelent.Good work team ... i've been at all your concerts and i have all albums =) Within Temptaion rulles ( My favourite song is - Memories - )