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The Clash The Street Parade Lyrics

Last updated: 05/20/2013 08:44:14 PM

When I was waiting for your phonecall
The one that never came
Like a man about to burst
I was dying of thirst

Though I will never fade
Or get lost in this daze
Though I will disappear
Into the street parade

It's not too hard to cry
In these crying times
I'll take a broken heart
And take it home in parts
But I will never fade

I was in this place
By the first church of the city
I saw tears on the face
The face of a visionary

Though I will disappear
To join the street parade
Disappear and fade
Into the street parade

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akwa ibom is popula | Reviewer: gwisey | 5/20/13

home sweet home dat de word. com n see 4 ur self wat u wat u saw. akwa ibom ayaya dats true de new eddie say so we gat a new look. Iyammi yak nsem usem akwa ibom. Nke ka idong awo nam ata utop nam ata utop. Okon ye ekaete esuk nam utom esuk nam utom. Ku bor ufen aba afia awe. Akwa ibom yen edi idung mfia awe. Every body com along lets celibrat lets celibrat com alon lets celibrate. -Chorus...