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Queen The Millionaire Waltz Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2014 05:46:37 PM

Bring out the charge of the love brigade
There is spring in the air once again
Drink to the sound of the song parade
There is music and love ev'rywhere
Give a little love to me
(I wanna) Take a lotta love from me
I want to share it with you

Feel like a millionaire
Once we were mad we were happy
We spent all our days holding hands together
Do you remember my love
How we danced and played?
In the rain we laid
We could stay there for ever and ever
Now I am sad you are so far away
I sit counting the hours day by day
Come back to me
How I long for your love
Come back to me
Be happy like we used to be

Come back come back to me
Come back come back to me
Oh come back to me oh my love
How I long for your love
Won't you come back to me?

My fine friend
Take me with you and love me forever
My fine friend
Forever forever

Bring out the charge of the love brigade
There is spring in the air once again
Drink to the sound of the song parade
There is music and love ev'rywhere
Give a little love to me
(I wanna) Take a little love from me
I want to share it with you
Come back come back to me feel
Make me feel like a millionaire

Thanks to Tyler H for submitting The Millionaire Waltz Lyrics.

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Addictive | Reviewer: Drya | 8/20/14

I'm a BeeGees fan, but I need to admit, this song is so addictive and i fell in love with it, shows you many never-heart chords and a lot of relaxing feeling

to love for all.

i can't even. | Reviewer: Burpie | 7/27/14

This song is perfect in every way. The guitar solo, the bass line, just... Ugh the feels! Freddie sings with his soul!

And I love how there's a feeling of hope and the end of the song :'-)

court jester Freddie | Reviewer: jongleur | 2/19/14

Stumbled across The Millionaire Waltz and Fell In Love With It. Charge of the Love Brigade could be a take on the British Charge of the Light Brigade. I interpret Brian May's ( Ripping the Guitar Strings ) as the Climax of that Battle. Love this song Immensely. I will always Love QUEEN and Our Beloved Freddie Mercury.

Queen Rocks | Reviewer: kd105314 | 5/20/13

This is one of the most awesome songs with a tremendous baseline and over the top melodies! Just sit back and listen to Bryan May rip the guitar! He brings the song life! Freddie, well, he is simply the embodiment of pure art! God bless Queen!

The millionaire | Reviewer: LoveQueen | 6/13/12

I'm really glad I discovered this song. It's so unique and if you listen to it carefully, you'll hear such a powerful and precise voice. I like the way Freddie sings it with his soul and emotion. The bass line is also awesome...

Memories | Reviewer: Paul | 1/31/10

Great Song. I was ripping my old CDs into iTunes and I stumbled with this song. Memories from my years at highschool came to my mind. Great times. I am not that old. Queen music was already old when I was a teenager but I purchased every Queen CD available and fell in love with their music. I hope Freddy didn't die. I am sure he would still be around doing music. Today hits are mostly sad. Queen's music was all full of energy and happiness.

Simply Unique | Reviewer: Karla | 9/22/08

This is one of the strangest and most beautiful Queen songs, and most unique songs in music EVER. So powerful and melodic, it has a 1930's mixed with a 1700s feel to it yet it has a modern/rock twist to it. It is up there with masterpieces such as "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "In the Lap of the Gods". Those guys (especially Freddie Mercury) are just mind blowing.

No words can describe | Reviewer: Ioana | 8/8/08

This song is just incredible. I don't understand why it isn't one of the greatest hits. It has some kind of unique charm to it, really it does. It's too bad we don't live in those times anymore, because the music today really sucks. Love you, Queen!

really a great song!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/08

Queen is the best..
i love this song..
it's sooo great.. all.. the music, the lyrics..
i like Queen.. maybe they're my favourite band.. i feel that they put all of them in each song that they made.. it's so nice.. :)

MASTERPIECE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/08


Dazzling | Reviewer: O_pish-posh_X | 2/3/08

This is one of my favorites from Queen. It's a shame that it is not more recognized and known because it is a powerful and unique composition. I must say that they were musical, lyrical genuises. Music just isn't written like this anymore...

Power | Reviewer: kmilo | 12/23/07

Its incredible how people critizice queen, what a waste, is the best band ever, truly, Mercury was and will be the best voice man kind had ever heard, bryan may amazing guitarrist and composer, roger taylor great musician and jhon decon silenced, but, what a heck of bass player, they were prefect

Amazing! | Reviewer: Felipe | 11/14/07

This is one of my favourites songs ever. Queen was, at that time, at their creativity peak, and this is simply beautiful. Listen to it with headphones, and have a nice trip.

meh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

Don't expect people to understand Mercury, and queen for the matter. Musically, vocally and lyrically, this is one of my favourite songs from queen.

Owns | Reviewer: Johan | 8/23/07

Amazing song, you should real listen to this one rock meets Waltz
John must have the hardest bassline on this one
Brian Mays solo is just so beutifull