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Journey The Journey (Revelation) Lyrics

Last updated: 04/13/2009 11:00:00 AM

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The song " The Journey (Revelation) ", is an instrumental.

There are no lyrics.

See the liner notes on their new CD.

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Revelation Rocks! | Reviewer: Nick Marrone | 7/30/2008

I’m not going to pigeon hole this as a return to ’80’s Journey. This effort is top tier. Production is superb. Musicianship, superb. The original content rivals anything they have done in the past. Jonathon Cains songwriting ability, in my opinion, is exceptional and continues to flourish. Probably one of the most underated songwriters in the business. The energy put forth on the live DVD given the short time with Arnel is truly amazing. Deen Castronova’s voice is equaled by his perfectly timed and thunderous drumming. Neil Schon appears to find new life and truly rocks with enthusiasm. Also, Ross Vallory’s work is synchronized perfectly with the driving soul of this band. Great job men. Looking forward to seeing you in Detroit!!!