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Lucky Dube The Hand That Giveth Lyrics

Last updated: 03/07/2014 06:03:38 AM

What type of rich man are you,who doesn't care about the poor peo-ple,
what type of rich man are you who doesn't care about the helpless people,
There you read it in the bible but dont understand what it say,
It says,

Blessed is the hand that giveth,than the one that taketh, (x3)

Are you feeling the pain, when you see another man is suffering ?
Does it make you feel the pain, to see another man starving?
Does it make you feel happy, when you see another man with no food?

You read about it in the bible,but didn't understand it.

Chorus,: (till fade).
Blessed is the hand that giveth,than the one that taketh,(x3)

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the hand that giveth | Reviewer: khuselo Gobile | 3/7/14

i love our former artist,Icon Lucky Dube is a very good guy in SA and the love he given to us can be paroled he is blessed because he given us some tips to understand each other

Blessed is hand that giveth than the one that taketh | Reviewer: BAWA MOUEPRIYE | 12/19/13

clearlly Dube make reference with Bible said what type of pple are you dat doesn't care about poor and helpless pple we read in Bible but we did't understand it. to me dube Preached enough 4 us in dis Album

Blessed giveth reviewer/ brandnu | Reviewer: Sylvester | 11/13/13

Dube has alwys bee doin gud wit regae muzik. Even to when he sings abt different colour, he made us knw dat no matter our skin colour dat we are still 1 people wit different colour. Dis teaches us to help d poor when we are in better position than them

The hand that giveth | Reviewer: Sergio Vilanculo | 4/20/13

Shame Dube's death,but i bilieve that Dube is alive because his words are still talking today and shall talk for generation to generation(how the rich man can stav from poor people)?

Fratanity to the needy and the desperate | Reviewer: Anzo james 17 Adjumani, Uganda | 12/26/12

Support to de needy and the desperate by those in position, i treasure it more than a priceless gift to another rich person. Truely no raggae music carries massage of animousity. He has left great message in our minds Do good to others when progressing coz u may need dea help one tym. Children suffer allover de world in many ways. Let's think about them. The one who looked 4 Dube's lyf will surely not rest 4rm apocalyptic thoughts about his own.

Shame on Dube's killers! | Reviewer: J.Nepo | 11/20/12

This is not to condemn the Dube's killers for only God,whom Dube trusted,knows and sees all his prophets in purgatory.Let me say that many people are getting inspired in reggae than ever.We hearken all the tidings from Dube and we fell something.

Lucky dube | Reviewer: Jegede Vincent Adekunle(Rastaman) | 7/9/12

U murderer,u killed Dube bt, u can't kil his gud works i mean what does it profit u c kil the innocent man or wat is ur gain? Wel,u answer silently in ur heart..

To Rastas,u only pour away d water d pot is wel preserve...may b dont know dat 'he who laughs last laughs best'.

SPIRIT OF THE SONG TO GIVE | Reviewer: Brother Chali (KINGCHALI) | 6/19/12

Many like to receive than to give which goes against the words of God from the Bible. And the song is true all over the days we are living. My call; Let us Give with no mind of expecting from whom we give but from Jah!
Reggae is Strong It will remain Strong.


blessed giveth | Reviewer: brandnu | 4/20/12

v2- are u feelg happy when u c anothr man starvg?i said are u feelg happy when u c anothr man with no food?does it mak u feel great,baby,to c anothr man with nothg?we're readg d bible and dont understand what it says it says !

rasterfarien movement | Reviewer: Kimak'kushu | 9/18/11

it's just my courages to i and i, and my side by side rasters around the world, in a in Jah bless still we keep on surfacing inspite of their babylonial captivity nearly along His Majesty Holy Land that is Africa. We all Africans have to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery as nobody but ourselves can free our minds, hence we have to stand and go strong to solve our political, economical and social problems instead of stand aside and look how North Atlantic Treaty Organisation trodd and slash away our brothers there in a Libya and every where in "Holy Land Of Zion".


How excellent preacher was Dube?I think this man was ispired by The Holiy Spirit because his words in this song penetrates in the soul and man of every one who hear it.Never the name of LUCKY DUBE be perished genarations to generations.DUBE is alive through his songs.Cursed are those who killed him.Let them know that every message expressed by Lucky Dube shall not test death -forever and ever his voice will be heard."Natives of Moshi Tanzania(CHAGA) we say reggae shall not die as Dube said REGGAE IS STRONG.

All lucky dube lyrics | Reviewer: sebastian katole | 6/26/06

all lucky dube lyrics