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All we own we own her
All we own we own her
All we own we own her
All we own we own her
All we own we own her
All we own we own her

Never hunger
Never prosper
I have fallen prey to failure

Struggle within
Triggered again
Now the candle burns at both ends

Twisting under schizophrenia
Falling deep into dementia

Old habits reappear
Fighting the fear of fear
Growing conspiracy
Everyone's after me
Frayed ends of sanity
Hear them calling
Hear them calling me

Birth of terror
Death of much more
I'm the slave of fear, my captor

Never warnings
Spreading its wings
As I wait for the horror she brings

Loss of interest, question, wonder
Waves of fear, they pull me under

Old habits reappear
Fighting the fear of fear
Growing conspiracy
Everyone's after me
Frayed ends of sanity
Hear them calling
Hear them calling me

Into ruin
I am sinking
Hostage of a nameless feeling

Hell is set free
Flooded I'll be
Feel the undertow inside me

Height, hell, time, haste, terror, tension
Life, death, want, waste, mass depression

Old habits reappear
Fighting the fear of fear
Growing conspiracy
Myself is after me
Frayed ends of sanity
Hear them calling
Frayed ends of sanity
Hear them calling
Hear them calling me

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wt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/13

So the conspiracy theorists aren't just content reading bullshit into reality, they also have to imprint it on song lyrics - right? :D

"The Thing that Should Not Be" is about supernatural gods, people - and they might have some song about conspiracy elsewhere, not sure. This one's about paranoia and insanity - give it a fucking rest already you wacks.

The truth | Reviewer: TheUnforgiven | 6/19/13

It's about psychiatrists/illuminati and their victims who are put through involuntary brain surgery with some kind of battery in their chest or head. Psychiatrist induce dementia (voices etc) and gang stalk the victim... most of the Metallica songs are about that, especially Justice for all and Death Magnetic... Master of puppets... Crush course in brain surgery...

Frayed Ends Of Sanity: Think About This | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/13

Guys, I'm a person with something called "Avoidant personality disorder" and hints of schizophrenia, disorganized thinking, etc, and I think the song speaks a clear message about these types of disorders, as well as the thoughts and feelings associated with them, the feelings of paranoia and fear, of falling into ruin, a void from which one cannot escape. Drugs and alcohol can take you down some dark roads, if you let them. Point being here, I agree with everyone, to some degree. Don't you think all the shit you're talking about is related? His own thoughts and feelings, fueled by schizoid delusions, his own regretful choices in the life, and the hate and corruption around him are pushing him over the edge, an insidious force that won't stop until it has consumed every aspect of his life.

I agree with its a song | Reviewer: Abloke | 9/6/12

Its a song was right, lyrics are just poetry. You have to make parallels with things elsewhere. Most o' metallicas songs are like that. You could all most make a bible out o' th' bloody things

Old habits reappear, Fighting the fear of fear. | Reviewer: Tony Dee | 12/8/11

The song is about fear, and how drug use can both conquer and cultivates it in a person, and how consequently, drug use can induce mental illenss in people.

Fear is a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat, real or imagined.

Into ruin
I am sinking
Hostage of a nameless feeling : Inablilty to articulate feelings.

Old habits reappear = relapse back into drug use.
Fighting the fear of fear = blocking out feelings with drug use.
Growing Conspiracy,
Everyone's after me = Paranoia.

Drug use can induce paranoia, which can cause psychosis, which can then be diagnosed as schitzophrenia. The song is about the circle of poverty, drug use and mental illness.

__ MetallicA __
nEVEr dIe

the cause of insanity | Reviewer: nikola | 12/6/11

schizophrenia is caused by demons in the spiritual world, also possibly with grays and reptillians, messing with intelligent people, sending them sounds and pictures, and if the person is fearful and gives up the faith, the demon gets stronger until the person goes nuts ie possessed.

it's about schizofrenia | Reviewer: mi3tek | 8/11/11

Dudes, @just stop was right, the song is about schizofrenia, nothing more, it's evene literally mentioned in "Twisting under schizophrenia
Falling deep into dementia".
Interpretation of the poetry is a difficult thing, you have to keep some logical frames of possible set of senses and what you do talking about fantasy stuff in this song is an OVERinterpretation - finding senses that couldn't be implied from the lyrics.
There is nothing in text about any kind of unreal, fantasy visions of the lyric subject, only about voices and great fear which are very typicall symptoms of schizofrenia. So your comparison to the Wizard of Oz is imho quite missed :)

reality | Reviewer: spm | 7/27/11

I'm pretty sure the parts that make the song about inability to distinguish from fantasy and reality is the chant at the beginning, which comes from the Wizard of Oz, which (I'm pretty fucking sure) deals with inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality; she's in her fantasy world which slowly gets more and more fucked up, her own mind is what's killing her, she's in a dream and she can't wake up, she begins to think it's real and loses control over her own mind.

It's a song T___T | Reviewer: Mitchell | 3/28/11

I know where you guys are coming from in your interpretations. It can be taken literally, as schizophrenia, yes. And it makes sense like that. But music and poetry need not always be taken literally, even if it can. It is open to interpretation and imagination. I kind of understand the guy who said:

"The song deals with the growing inability to not distinguish fantasy from reality which leads to insanity"

That is a valid interpretation, but you can't call t right or wrong. He thinks of it that way, and he is entitled to. It is all about your point of view, and music is meant to stir up the emotions and get you thinking, so what ever your interpretation, if it makes sense to you, then it is as correct as you want it to be.

just stop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/10

how do you know that "it deals with the growing inability to not distinguish fantasy from reality which leads to insanity"???? where the hell did you get that? absolutely nowhere in this song does it even hint about what u said. its about schizophrenia, i studied schizophrenia and every verse in this song describes how it feels. with "hear them calling me" where they hear voices that scream their name, and "everyones after me" where they always feel like someone is out to get them. looks like you fail, kuz NOWHERE IN THE LYRICS DOES IT EVEN SUBLIMINALLY SAY ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR STUPID INTERPRETATIONS

Blahblah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/10

dude this song isnt just bout going insane so dont interpret if u dont know wat u r talking about got it. Plus not all metallica songs are about going insane. You better look deeper than what your shallow mind will let you. If you dont know what the song is talkin bout then just dont post any thing. The song deals with the growing inability to not distinguish fantasy from reality which leads to insanity

to the ppl talkin about pantera | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/10

ok so the guy who published the first review was just making a point about what the song was about. he was comparing it to a song by pantera. no need to hate on him for liking pantera. you said pantera isnt real metal and metallica is? pantera never went mainstream. for a few albums metallica wasnt even metal, they were hard rock. how bout i go tell you to go listen to some black dahlia murder cuz thats real metal. its all metal bro, get over it. the song is about going insane. i really dont think theres anything else to it. alot of metallica songs are about that. although most of this album was about corruption in the government, i dont think this song is

REVIEW | Reviewer: jdfoDJF | 6/12/10

remember when review a song meant you reviewed the song. instead of talking about pantera or making fun of someone talking about pantera. Man those were the days. You could just read about what the song was actually like. Well I'm not gonna start up any old trends here

Pantera? | Reviewer: to the previous reviewer | 4/24/10 what the f*ck does Pantera have to do with Metallica???? F*ck Pantera! I don't give a sh*t what song you like, this is Metallica! Don't f*cking quote lyrics for a Pantera song in the comment section of a Metallica song. Take your p*ssy Pantera and go the f*ck away! And learn to listen to some REAL metal!

yesterday dont mean SH** | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/08

its like the pantera song, yesterday dont mean sh**, cuz tomorrow is a comming. more pain, more feelings to dwell on, suffering. we are here to understand feelings. it has to be universal with every species

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