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Moody Blues The Balance Lyrics

Last updated: 10/03/2014 06:51:35 PM

After he had journeyed,
And his feet were sore,
And he was tired,
He came upon an orange grove
And he rested
And he lay in the cool,
And while he rested, he took to himself an orange and tasted it,
And it was good.
And he felt the earth to his spine,
And he asked, and he saw the tree above him, and the stars,
And the veins in the leaf,
And the light, and the balance.
And he saw magnificent perfection,
Whereon he thought of himself in balance,
And he knew he was.

Just open your eyes,
And realize, the way it's always been.
Just open your mind
And you will find
The way it's always been.
Just open your heart
And that's a start.

And he thought of those he angered,
For he was not a violent man,
And he thought of those he hurt
For he was not a cruel man
And he thought of those he frightened
For he was not an evil man,
And he understood.
He understood himself.

Upon this he saw that when he was of anger or knew hurt or felt fear,
It was because he was not understanding,
And he learned, compassion.

And with his eye of compassion.
He saw his enemies like unto himself,
And he learned love.
Then, he was answered.

Just open your eyes,
And realize, the way it's always been.
Just open your mind
And you will find
The way it's always been.
Just open your heart
And that's a start.

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Question of Balance | Reviewer: Lea | 10/1/14

This whole album is amazing. So deep spiritually and the music with headphones makes you just drift away to ponder all you are hearing. They are an amazing band, my favorite of all time since they first came out. I had a spiritual experience when I was younger, and when I came home, I put on the "Balance" cause I know it put into words what I just experienced. I will be forever grateful to the Moody Blues for all they have given the music world and my own world. Deep lyrics, beautiful music,what more could you want in a band? Just open your mind and you will find....Just open your heart and that's a start.

Young and inspired | Reviewer: Tomas | 10/2/12

At the age of 15 I stumbled upon this album and only really kept it because I thought the album artwork was cool. Now its 2 years later and I've finally come to appreciate just how great this album really is especially this song. This song in particular has just helped me to change my whole outlook on life.

I might have been 20, now 63 | Reviewer: Brent Fish | 5/28/11

When I bought Question of Balance some 40+ years ago, I thought the music to be the tale; to be listened to in the dark when one needed solitude and purely just some good I caution myself to the wind for the words have taken on a meaning well beyond what enlightenment least to me....I hope that heart does open and it does start

moody blues | Reviewer: iris | 5/10/11

This song is so amazing. In fact, all of their songs are. I love how they sing about the universe and things that matter, while always having an original and unique sound. This song is the epitome of what i've gone through this year and i'm so happy i stumbled upon this band. I wish music would be as quality as it was in the Sixties today.

The effect of the Moody Blues in my life | Reviewer: Frank | 1/20/11

"Question of Balance" was the first Moody Blues album I listened to, and I was immediately immersed from the "Question"to the very end of the "Balance"... and yes, I began to understand. I was 42, and going through the Hell of Midlife crisis. I credit this album for teaching me what Life was all about,the Universe" and my place in it.. At 79, I think I'm getting close, and still listen to a Moody Blues album when I need a spiritual lift.

Like Unto Oneself | Reviewer: Nuthatch | 1/30/10

Michael, I don't think the point of the "he saw them, like unto himself" lyrics is that everyone has equal humor, valor, kindness, honor and love—because obviously they don't. (Mass murderers, anyone?) That they are *capable* of it, however...that is a completely different point, and precisely the one those particular lyrics are trying to make. Not that everyone is on a surface level equal, but that on a deeper level they have the potential to be. That inherently we are all One.

Who is he? | Reviewer: Jimmy | 10/22/09

He is you. He is me. He is the one the Moody Blues always wrote about. It is the same central figure over and over. Always coming back to this moment. Always bringing us home. Continually weaving back and forth from humaness to the collective spirit of us all.

I love when words to songs are so impactful that we are touched without knowing why.

Enemies | Reviewer: Michael | 10/23/09

This is good advice, but as an author, if one really depicts enemies (criminals) like onto oneself, their book will be censored. Showing them with a sense of humor, valor, kindness, honor and love is viewed as "glorifying" them. People prefer the myth that all criminals are primitive brutes with the back of their knuckles dragging on the ground... unless they are vampires, of course, which is okay.

On Graham Edge's brief tale of enlightenment. | Reviewer: roy dieckman | 7/14/07

Who is "he"? Just a man seeking and finding enlightenment? Thats what someone said to me once. I always thought of him as a caveman getting the first flash of humanity. Whatever. Obviously "he" can be whoever you want him to be. I always thought this was one of the most profound set of lyrics I ever heard or read anywhere. Funny that the music for it was very mediocre by the standards set in the three preceeding albums, which is some of the greatest music recorded in pop/rock history, in my opinion. Musically it was the worst song on the album, more of a recitation than anything. But my god, those lyrics. I just looked this up to see what I was leaving out while I was trying to remember the whole thing. I left out "and the stars". Now I think I have it commited to memory..