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James Taylor That's Why I'm Here Lyrics

Last updated: 09/07/2006 12:00:00 PM

Person to person and man to man
I'm back in touch with my long lost friend
Listen to reason and understand
Think of me from way back when

He said me and melissa well we fell out of love
Ran out of luck seems like lightning struck
I've been thinking of leaving but i can't raise a buck
James I'm wondering could i borrow your truck

I said that's why i'm here
Got no better reason
That's why i'm standing before you
That's why i'm here

John's gone found dead he dies high he's brown bread
Later said to have drowned in his bed
After the laughter the wave of the dread
It hits us like a ton of lead

It seems "learn not to burn" means to turn on a dime
Walk on if you're walking even if it's an uphill climb
Try to remember that working's no crime
Just don't let 'em take and waste your time

That's why i'm here
There'll be no more message tonight
That's why I'm here
That's why I'm here

This is an IOU
I reckon' i owe you one now
Listen wendy and listen gloria
This'll be better tomorrow

Oh, fortune and fame's such a curious game
Perfect strangers can call you by name
Pay good money to hear fire and rain
Again and again and again

Some are like summer coming back every year
Got your baby got your blanket got your bucket of beer
I break into a grin from ear to ear
And suddenly it's perfectly clear

That's why I'm here
Singin tonight, tomorrow, everyday
That's why I'm standing here
That's why I'm here

This is the part about kitty and bim
He loved her and she loved him
Wake 'em up shake 'em up the middle of the night
Got to tell me everything's alright

He said that's why i'm here
You got me talking and walking like a natural man
That's why I'm here
That's why I'm here
That's right

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