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Too Short That's Right Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2012 12:00:00 PM

That's right...
Right right right

I know you love me, I'm like a habit
But if you had a million dollars, could I have it?
If I was broke and starvin, would you feed me?
If I drove a big car, would you see me?
While I'm foldin yo' money in half
If you was holdin on down to yo' last
You know I need it, everything you got
I gotta get it or we'll never see the top
If it was a Happy Meal, or a half-a-mill
It's the same thing baby, that's real
Don't matter if you're holdin out, no doubt
If you fuckin Ludacris bitch, +Rollin' Out+
With a Chinese name, Won Gone
Pack yo' bags, and get the fuck on
It's understandable, why I do what I do
Gettin money every day and I'm still comin through, right..

I'm a woman that'll hold you down
When the other ones can't be fou-ounnnd, that's right
I'm a woman that'll keep you rich
When the others want you to tri-iiiick - that's right

I need team players, to roll with
Get down with an O.G., knowin it
Would you mix Hennessy, with Tanqueray?
Let me fuck yo' best friend every day
Would you walk from Compton to Hollywood
From Richmond to Oakland I got it good
From the Soul Train Awards to the Grammys
From New York City to Miami
If I went to jail, would you bail me out?
If I went through hell, would you help me out?
Get a king and have better things
Sell your grandmomma's wedding ring
Unconditional love, would you donate yo' kidneys?
I wanna know how much would you give me
Let my dawg hit it, matter fact let us all get it
Break somethin off on it, right..


I woke up one day in the A-T-L
With a pocket full of money feelin way too real
Thinkin bout what happened 'fore I went to sleep
I'd be broke if it wasn't for the pimp in me
Read my mind, I want what you got
Top down girl, bumpin Tupac
You got too much money in your freak pants
That's why I keep my ladies in a deep trance
From January to December
She can't remember, her mind's in a blender
Wake up in the back of a Caddy
Don't even know who's your momma or your daddy
The name is Too $hort
I'm addictive like Newports, but of course
You can fight the feelin if you want to
But this game might come back to haunt you, right..


[Outro from "Pimpin' Ken dot Com"]