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Superstition taking all of us for a ride
Mines overtaken by the signs of the Right
The bombs are falling overhead with no sight
While you are talking all detached, so tell us

Where you going
To the bottom
Do you hear us
We are rotting

We're going down in a spiral to the ground
No one, no one's gonna save us now

Ceremonies have killed religions for they provide
The masked comforts to delusionals, they're all in fright
The true believer's head was bathed in sunlight
While you are walking all detached, so tell us

Where you going
To the bottom
Do you hear us
We are rotting

We're going down in a spiral to the ground
No one, no one's gonna save us now
Not even God, no one saved us
No one's gonna save us

Where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall?

Where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall?

Where do you expect them to go when the bombs fall?

Where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall?

Superstition taking all of us for a ride
Mines overtaken by the signs of the Right
The bombs are falling overhead with no sight
While you are talking all detached, detached, detached, detached, detached, detach.

Going down, in a spiral to the ground
No-one, no-one's gonna save us now (not even God)
No one saved us, no one saved us
No one saved us, no one's gonna save us now

Where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall?

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Damn it SOAD ! Where are you guys ? | Reviewer: randadinata | 8/29/13

I have deep respect for SOAD. At first, i hated mesmerize/hypnotize because it was sooo different that previous albums. But then, they're not the kind of band that recycle the same shit over and over again. Most of their songs, just as Serj said, require digestion. They don't easily get old, instead they'll grow and stay within you forever.

Uncertain future | Reviewer: Roman Nepal | 3/6/13

This song basically refers to an uncertain future we all behold due to the ignorance of the political leaders and the governments. 'No one's gonna save us now, not even God' and 'Where do you expect us to go with the bombs fall?' signify the bitter reality we all are bound to face due to the pigheaded and over-smart thoughts conceived by the leaders throughout the world. This song warns about the inevitability of war which when arrives, we will get no place to hide our head.

:) | Reviewer: Alan | 1/18/13

The dudes, right, the 9/11 "attacks" were controlled demolitions.
Its a shame.
But most people dont know this, not because theyre stupid or blind or whatever, they dont kow this only because the System keeps it hidden from them.
These people are people too.
Love you all.
Fuck the System.

what?? | Reviewer: mike | 12/21/12

ok people if you really think it was a plane that destroyed the towers at 9/11?....you are so blind it's ridiculous, it was a controlled demolition, there is absolutely no way a building of that structure would fall flat like that if it was a plane crash, at worst the beams would of jarred slightly and it would look miss-shaped, the only buildings that have fallen like that in all recorded history are controlled demolitions...don't any of you even think it is the least bit suspicious that there were signs of thermite and thermate explosives within the rubble...read up people read up, all their songs are about how corrupt the AMERICAN government is, and this song is no different, don't blame the Muslims for your own governments pathetic crimes and lies, they didn't even investigate it, they got rid of the rubble immediately afterwards, and tried to prove made up stories instead of actually using the tools science have given them to collect and analyze evidence in a proper procedure...

soad ftw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/12

i like soad sense i learned English and its the only rock band that i hear mainly because of their meaningful song. though i love this song i found that u, like every one giving the half truth a lot of people died in 9/11 even Muslims and its because al Qaida wich is supported by usa against russia in early history . about 3000 died but its a reaction .to what? to a massacre into an infinite war in iraq an invasion. nobody knows about the bomb that killed 150 000 citizens children woman etc to search for weapons of mass destruction that they never found its such a disgrace to live in a lie without talking about pelastine of course even so its terrorism we know that just dont blame us for the pain that ur politicians have caused to us . (im a Muslim i love every body american,english,russian,etc i believe in all religions sense they are the same really

Tentative | Reviewer: Steven | 9/12/11

this song is about 9/11 and the war. "we're goin down/in a spiral to te ground/no one, no ones gonna save us now/not even god" is saying the plane is going down and no one can save them. the 'Not even god' is sarcastic, since SoaD is against religious organizations it's a gods fault the whole thing happened (Shiite Muslim extremists [al Qaeda]) devised the plan to kill americans since we're allies with the Jewish nation Israel and we have bases in Saudi Arabia, the Mecca of the Muslims (like the vaticant to Christians) so they figured we deserved it. that's where "ceremonies have killed religions/for they provide the masked comforts for delusionals" Christians+Jews aboard the plane prayed that they'd be saved, Muslims misinterpereted the Q'ran and thought that it said kill all infidels (DON'T YOU HATE *ALL* MUSLIMS FOR THIS.. EVER HEAR OF THE CRUSADES?) {by the way I'm neither muslim Jewish or Christian, I'm atheist} so the Muslim extremists (hating *them* is okay because they hate your guts) decided to kill. "where do you expect us to go when the bombs fall" is straight-up obvious. this is SoaD saying that we are going to war, it's going to get way out of hand, as usual (ahem Hitler, Crusades 1-14, Knights Templar), and bombs will fall. the line is saying since this war will be so big, that every nation will be in it, that every army will have bombs, that millions will be fighting millions, that there is nowhere safe.

war | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/10

this is probably one of the greatest songs about war ever. basically, if the world leaders keep on in the direction theyre going and continue with war, it will probably eventually lead to wwiii, nuclear war. but where do they expect us to go when those bombs fall?

awesome! | Reviewer: Lauu | 12/28/09

This song in particular is special to me, cause it was playing in my boyfriend's car, when we had our first kiss, so everytime I listen to this song, or some of the ones that follow this one in the Hypnotize album, I get butterflies, and can't help but smile like and idiot hahah :) my boyfriend LOVES soad, so I started listening to them because of him, and now I love them too! I hope they'll come back together some day.

Soad | Reviewer: Ale x | 9/25/09

I heard that daron was trying to take over as A lead singer which angered serj shavo and john, which lead to the hiatus. And I think tentative is about the bombing of pearl harbor. Anyway Im completely with you. I want system to come back real badly. SOAD forever!!!!

long live soad***** | Reviewer: roxana*soad fan | 6/12/09

*i cant explain that how much i love soad,i just can say extremely,and i have the most respect and love for them,specially serj and daron.this song is the best in hypnotize,very beautiful,emotional and full of meaning like their other songs.it's about war and religion too.soad makes me think so much,makes me happy,makes me have the best fellings.i'm a 17 year girl and a little depressed,some times i wanna hurt myself but soad brings me to life for many hours.i'm agree with you mads completely;if every body knews their message and thoughts this world would be so much better place to live.i wish they come back again,but something tell me that it's too far they come back,john is so cruel because in an interview he said soad is dead,how he said that i dont know,soad is alive forever even they never comeback.i listen to scars on broadway album and serj album so many times,they both made an amazing and cool albums,i cant say witch one is more genius;serj or daron,but i still want soad.in the end i have a question;i wanna know exactly for what they breack up,i heard it was all daron's fault,but i'm not sure,pleas some body answer me in this page if you know.thank you so much*

LOVE ITTTT | Reviewer: Metal-Head | 3/22/09

ive heard a shit load of SOAD and im a many years fan,
i lost this song for a few years coz my computer crashed and i found it again today and i still remember all the lyrics !!
hats off to soad
great work boys !!!

live version??? | Reviewer: mads | 2/11/09

I CANNOT find a live version of tentative..... do anyone know where I can find one... I feel that you are my best friends, because most of you all have the same thoughts as me.. I haven┬┤t met a Systemofadown-"knower" that hates them.. If the whole earth knew their message and thoughts, and did what they sing about, the world would be a soo much better place to live... Please write me if you think the same as me and we can become friends,,, I really need some, who understand me... not that I feel bad about... Just what some who understand.....??!!!!!

incredible. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/08

im armenian myself and when my dad first showed me SOAD when i was younger, i was in pure awe and made me even prouder to be armenian. and now i listen to every one of their songs.
this song is if not my favorite in the top 5

tentative | Reviewer: stephanie | 12/13/07

I'm a real fan of system od a down. I love all of there songs But i'll say that tentative is my favourite !!!

Also Lost in hollywood :)

Only System... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/07

This song is one of their best by far. It not only sounds AWESOME, but also has a strong anti-war message too. Not many bands could pull that off effectively and still make random shit like Vicinity of Obscenity sound awesome. System of a Down rock so hard its impossible to describe. Anyone who doesnt like should do us and themselves a favour and jump off a bridge.

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