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Bob Dylan Tell Me Lyrics

Last updated: 10/10/2013 06:46:25 AM

Tell me...
Why do clouds come in between you and me?
How could two walk together unless they agree...*Amos 3:3

If you really want to know how I feel, and think morally,
Before you go I’ll tell you so
This may not be another sad song
About love goin’ wrong….
I wanna be sing'n and bring'n
Hope for that bright shiny future where we belong.
Fornication, adultery, drinking & drugs
Ain't no substitute for true love.

It's not gonna make us ready for the LORD,
If we can't help each other step aboard                                
When the ship comes in we've got to be liv'n for Him 
Repentant of sin...There's too much to lose if we don't win.

Longing for your warm embrace, I gazed upon your loving face,
Still, unless I could trust these strong feelings going wild,                              
With a smile, I won’t hesitate,
‘Cause my spirit tells me when Jesus calls, we can't be late.

I'll walk on by, but since you asked, you could know,
This flame of love is not melting like snow,
There's nobody else, but Jesus, I think of more than you,
He will always be my first love for me, and I hope for you, too.

I don't know what's on the other side
Of that iron gate and black clouds in the night;                                            
But In Christ there's peace and joy that will abide,
With Him inside we'll win every fight.

Oh, my darling, will you wait for me
Through all the disappointments and heartache by the sea.
Hope shall arise for happiness to come
In that path of glory of Life in the Son.

When I look into the intensity of your eyes so blue,
I want so much to be with you..

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Tell Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/13

I'll tell you if you'll tell me, are those stars in my eyes or teardrops from the sea....
A long time ago in the back woods of memory, these songs are stirring up something that used to be, Am I dreamin' or is it real, I don't know, still.
Maybe it's a cop-out just to say, I'll give it to God in the prayers that I pray.
I thought I saw my computer talking to me,"Hi, come" why? Where? When? How? was that you?
I tried that already, 3 strikes and you're out is a good place to stop to wait and see
If there is something more definitely...What are you're intentions young man, for me.
Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's door, draws me close to the Lord and you. In Christ Jesus is familiar land, I understand, If your soul is calling to me, is it wanting me to come to sing, minister, or be your lover or a friend.When the mail I sent
wound up at my home, I felt like I lost something. Then, I remembered that I deleted a few, earlier, too. Only because I didn't want them to be seen for everyone to view.
"Tell Me" lyrics caught my eye, so I pulled it up, cause I was feeling a little down,
Like an important part of my world was tumblin' down. I don't want to be anybody's clown (unless I'm acting). How about you. Computer Romance is for the birds. There has to be a better way to have a friend, than words, words, words...heard, heard,heard.
I think I'll go into my nothing box, "time out of mind" and see what I could find. In the mean time, If you want to know if I have a boyfriend, the answer is "no" I refuse them daily, cause I only need one - the right one. In the mean time, I think I agree that at our age it may be said, "They've waited too long". But that doesn't bother me because the Lord says, "Age is as nothing with Me" and His promises are yea, and amen. They don't depend on time, only if it concerns His season. Faith that works by love is the key. How are you? ( I mean it) Could we keep on going where we're going? Do you have anything more vague to say? Can we laugh and have some fun...laughter is like medicine ( it makes you feel better). Thanks for waiting for me to finish...that's a good sign! Bye and good night for now,( not "Now or never", just for now, ok, darling).
P.S. "Tell Me" was a good catalyst for this letter. I wrote another poem, today, that is more melancholy called "Sapphire Eyes" want to hear some of the lines? (you could use them if you want to, I'm you're friend) I bet you're tired, I'll save it for another time.