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Will you have some tea
After theatre with me?

We did it all - didn't we?
Jumped every wall - instinctively
Unravelled codes - ingeniously
Wired all the roads - so seamlessly

We made it work
But one of us failed
That makes it so sad
A great dream derailed

One of us gone
One of us mad
One of us, me
All of us sad

All of us sad - lean on my shoulder now
The story is done - 's getting colder now
A thousand songs - still smoulder now
We played them as one - we're older now

All of us sad
All of us free
Before we walk from the stage
Two of us
Will you have some tea?
Will you have some tea
At the theatre with me?

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the truth behind the lyrics. | Reviewer: chandler | 6/11/13

While this could have a hidden meaning to tribute someone or something this song isnt about the who. It is the finale to Pete Townshend rock opea "the boy who heard music" to give a quick summery 3 friends(Gabriel, Josh and Lilia) start a band. Lelia has an affair with the two boys josh and gabriel. Ultimately she chooses josh who finds it hard to satisfy her (sung in the song its not enough). The band breaks up and Josh gets depression and becomes a drunk. Evenually he reaches out to Gabriel and Lilia to do a reuinion concert. During the concert Josh shoots Gabriel (sung through the songs they made my dream come true and mirror door) Josh gets put into a insane asylum. This particular song is Lilia reflecting on the band. One of us gone (gabriel) one of us mad (josh) one of us me (lelia) all of us sad ect.

not about the band | Reviewer: Dani | 2/9/13

I just saw The Who this week in Phx. Before they did this song Pete told the audience what this song is about. He said that people assume the song is about him and Roger and their life with the band, but it really is about a woman and is a true story. (I am assuming it is about his ex-wife and that the "all of us sad" includes the kids.) Pete said it was about a couple who had been together a long time but did not have much to say to one another anymore as the relationship had run its course. After going to the theatre together and not knowing what else to do or say afterward, he did ask the woman to have tea. Yes, the song totally fits with the loss of Keith and John and a lot of the Quadrophenia tour is a tribute to them and yes, it does fit that Roger and Pete are still friends and have had a great life together on stage, but that was not why the song was orignally written.

Love rein over us. | Reviewer: Big Scott | 12/14/12

I had a flu and missed the Philadelphia Quadrophenia concert 12-08-12 and having given my ticket to my son he claimed that the encore included a song about having Tea. I then saw the "Sandy" concern at Madison square garden and was captured by the spirit and connection of the "two" at the conclusion of the concert when they did the Tea & theater song. It made me smile and also feel the loss. For me I will always remember the OX playing his magic during "The real me." I'm wondering if the lyrics from earlier times weren't the "three." I hope to see Quadrophenia one more time before I go back to the sea. No one rocks like the WHO. I used to follow you back in...actually '73.

Tea for Keith and John | Reviewer: Dennis McCoy | 12/13/12

Having heard this song a number of times on TV but never understanding all the lyrics, I find them now at this website.
When Keith passed on in Sept. '78 I cried like a baby (privately) for months. Everything I had ever learned about playing drums came from Keith. He was like an older brother to me, having been a Who fanatic since October, 1965.
This tune from Pete is a sweet tribute to a '60's British pop group turned world-class rock band, of a time that can only be replayed now in our memories (if you're old enough) or via DVD. The Who were a musical milestone in the twentieth century. May their music live on to influence every upcoming generation of kids with guitars and drums.

Paul C says......,,,, | Reviewer: Paul C | 6/29/12

2006 at roundhouse London, Daltry at his very best, paying keith moon the ultimate respect and telling the whole world that life is too short, keep rocking Roger and Pete, and Keith, we know your listening, these words are for you buddy, from millions WHO love ya, keep banging the heavenly skins, Legend!!!!

truth | Reviewer: keny | 12/16/11

this song is about pete and roger in 94 when they split they met a crazy rasta at covent garden and in harrods he told them to have tea an stop fighting for the sake of the who fans which the best fans in the world and for keith who asked them to tea

open mind for new picture of nature created | Reviewer: vibha bhagat | 10/24/09

being a theatre person i like a new thought of theatre perview.its realy very appreciatable to u ..u wrote short bt u wrote fantastic.....i need a poem on theatre for my students assembly and i got it from ur site thanx alot..... for helping me

t 'n t | Reviewer: M D | 7/29/07

I've seen this song in Antwerp... The last in the concert! It was real great. It was real beautiful! This is the resume of the story of the Who - it was so sensible...
So, realy, thank you - all of you... "All of us sad"... But : be lucky...

Ecology in music | Reviewer: Carlo Pavone | 12/4/06

Thank you for still writing such songs. May God keep you alive for a long time.

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