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The Diplomats Take Em To Church Lyrics

Last updated: 09/18/2007 12:00:00 PM

Ma$e: Like to even address something as simple as, when you said: Music was of the devil, and i did say that, i did say that.
Cam'Ron: You said rap is of the devil and you rappin?
Ms. Jones: Do you feel that way? That rap is the devil?
Ma$e: No not actually...
Cam'Ron: OH MY GOD!

This that Harlem muzik right here
This that ditty bop, get ready for the winter muzik right here
This what it is
Killa Cam

[Cam'Ron - Verse 1]
You know me, dawg
I just wanna keep the peace
But sayin my name?
Thats only gonna lead to beef (God damn)
Tell my niggaz chill, but they wanna heat the streets
Or do it on a record, check it, we straight hit da beats

[Juelz Santana]
Everybody welcomin' this, welcomin' that
He wasnt welcomed in the first place, how we welcome him back!

[Un Kasa]
Gimmie the Mack
Let me work him with that
Tell Mr. Rogers ill leave his brain on his trolly track
Now polly that!

[Cam'Ron - Verse 2]
Listen, y'all stop it
Know ya appalled bout it
But this my call about a false prophet, all profit
Harlem hustler
I cant at all knock it
But you hard when you go in the lords pockets
What you offerin?
Put it right in the offering
They take it all
Cash, Credit
Silver down to Porcelain
Look at the porsche hes in
And gives a portion in?
No handicap
Annie Orphan, friends
But the sizzurp im drinkin on
Byrds im bankin on
Getcha Kurk Franklin on
Word, so you can get your Ben Franklin on
Just when you think its wrong, one blink hes gone

[Juelz Santana]
Father Forgive us
But we gon take him to church
Father forgive us
And the truth it hurts
Father forgive us
And that wont work
No no no no no way

[Cam'Ron - Verse 3]
You try to handle us
Get on the air and damage us
Screamin out Harlem huh?
Like you didnt just abandon us
Well let me fill you in
Now it's a whole clan of us
Blinks so mad he went and beat up Canibus
Zeek got shot and
Zeek locked up, then
E got killed
Beef popped up
But Bee hopped up
And still brokeout his chest
On probation
Dough on house arrest
Right out the flesh
Sit in the house and rest
He dont pout
Get em gear
Sit in the house hes fresh
Not that you care
Just get it clear and think
One glare and wink
Everyone wearin pink (God Damn)
Im the reason that your two rings are clear
Im the reason that your earrings are square you hear?
Now we take trips from Seemos to lovely homes
We check on Latti's moms, me no honey combs
Holmes, you try to fake it with car here, god there
You gonna leave em naked like Tarzan (Ah Man)
Coota love know that too, holler at Coota, ask Nelly about that

[Juelz Santana]
Father Forgive us
But we gon take him to church
Father forgive us
And the truth it hurts
Father forgive us
But that wont work
No no no no no way

[Cam'Ron - Verse 4]
Yo kill diamonds, get the pearls
I aint tryin to kid the world
I aint got beef, when i do i say
Get em girl
Not a diss dog
We just heard you frontin
Do harlem a favor
Get a church or somethin
A Rec. center in the winter where the youth can play
They dont even shoot the J
Sell drugs, shoot and spray
Im no better still movin a deuce a day
Thats two ki's
I still move the yay
Found a newer way
My crew do and say
Fistfights to shoot outs
We wont move away

[Cam'Ron: Outro]
My niggah Gruff bad, 140, 139th
Black tone white tone 142nd
Rell street inn
141st, Tito my jamacians my belizeans
33-33 Polo grounds St. Nick
Colonial Jewel
Jeff Wagner
East River the 9
145th St. Nick
145th Broadway
Luci Taliban
118th Manhattan
134th and 8th Powerful
Whats really poppin
Sarge hold ya head
Freekey Zeekey hold ya head
The whole BBO
151st Amsterdam holler at ya boy
Ak Jackie Rob
All my niggahs in Harlem
Get your hustle on
Keep your muscles strong
I know about the streets you hustle on
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