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Destiny's Child T-Shirt Lyrics

Last updated: 03/26/2009 11:00:00 AM

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Hey baby
I wish you could see what I have on right now
You so sexy
Imagine how intense it would be,
to hold me right now
My song's playin

Verse 1 (Beyonce)
At night, when you're far and I'm alone
I feel the fabric from your t-shirt
close to my body
I can still hear your baritone
in my ear telling me you'll take it slow
and I was in the mirror playin a role
like you work it, I couldn't turn me on
so I fell asleep with the music on
woke up again hearing the same old song playing

(oh)Give it to me deeper
(oh)ya givin me the fever
(oh)now you got my feet up
This one is a keeper
Now the second verse is playin
(oh)Want to try stand up
(oh)Hold me while my hands up
(oh)then the music picks up
Fantasies are shook up
I'm thinkin to myself again

When you're not here(I sleep in your t-shirt)
I wish you were here(To take off your t-shirt
After we make love(I sleep in your t-shirt)
Wake up in your t-shirt
Still smell the scent of your cologne
When I need your feel(i sleep in your t-shirt)
Boy I need your help(to take off your t-shirt)
After we make love(I sleep in your t-shirt)
Wake up in your t-shirt
Still smell the scent of your cologne

Verse 2(Beyonce)
Outside I hear the rain on my windowpane
Hold up a minute, thought I heard your name
My mind, playing tricks on me again
I hear knocks at the door, is that my baby home
Why couldn't it be a reality
Look at the clocked and it says 4:03
At nine he'll be arriving on a plane
Then we'll be making love and hearing the song again



Ha Ha Ha ooo boy I've been waiting
Ha Ha Ha Got my body shakin
Ha Ha Ha You're so deep, baby please, take it easy
Ha Ha Ha I look at your face and
Ha Ha Ha Got my heart racing
Ha Ha Ha You're so deep, baby please take it easy

Keep it right there
Oh, wait, wait, yeah
Keep it right there
You driving me crazy


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