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Billy Talent Surrender Lyrics

She reads a book from across the street
Waiting for someone that she'll never meet
Talk over coffee for an hour or two
She wonders why I'm always in a good mood

Killing time before she struts her stuff
She needs support and I've become the crutch
She'll never know how much she means to me
I'd play the game but I'm the referee

Every word, every thought, every sound
Every touch, every smile, every frown
All the pain we've endured until now
All the hope that I lost you have found
(Surrender) Yourself to me

Even though I know what I'm looking for
She's got a brick wall behind her door
I'd travel time and confess to her
But I'm afraid she'd shoot the messenger


I think I found a flower in a field of weeds
I think I found a flower in a field of weeds
Searching until my hands bleed
This flower don't belong to me
I think I found a flower in a field of weeds
I think I found a flower in a field of weeds
Searching until my hands bleed
This flower don't belong to me
This flower don't belong to me
Why can't she belong to me?

Every word, every thought, every sound
Every touch, every smile, every frown
All the pain we've endured until now
All the hope that I lost, you have found

Every word, every thought, every sound
Every touch, every smile, every frown
All the pain we've endured until now
All the hope that I lost you have found

I never had the nerve to ask
Has my moment come and passed?
I never had the nerve to ask
Has my moment come and passed?
I never had the nerve to ask
Has my moment come and passed?
I never had the nerve to ask

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Hope he never has the nerve to ask | Reviewer: Sissi | 1/4/12

Oh dear, I had this song in my head all day. After reading the lyrics I guess I know why...
I fear that one of my best friends feels like that for me. I'm not interested. I'd try to let him down gently but fear our friendship will get stained. I hope he never asks.

Every Thought, Every Sound | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/11

Last year I thought I was in love with someone, maybe I was. Every nerve seemed tuned into him. I spent so much time transfixed with him that I actually remember the location of one of his beauty marks. It was hard not to stare into his eyes and hard to at the same time. I'd never felt anything so beautiful. Then I realized I didn't really know him. And he was probably just myself, my mind manifested onto him because I wanted it to be. Even though it's not as serious now, I still want him (for lack of a better word.) When I dream and he's in it, everything seems magnified and important. I would've let him treat me like dirt.

Every word, every thought, every sound adequately describes it. I wanted everything. I wanted anything to do with him. I wanted his love and his hate and his laughter (god, his laughter) and his tears. Every smile made my pulse speed up. He didn't seem to know, and how it wasn't glaringly obvious is beyond me.

So that's my story of possible love. My loss came when I saw him seem to genuinely care about someone I thought was just a superficial side-project.

.. | Reviewer: Joanna | 12/6/11

I'm a girl, and i'm in love with my best friend, who is a girl too, which makes everything even more difficult, because i don't know what's her attitude towards girls. I'm in the middle of a paradox, because I love spending time with her, and I know that if i tell her the truth, all of this will end.

Aissa | Reviewer: Neiba | 10/15/11

She was everything i looked for, despit her faults she was perfect to me, i would have ran across my country to get together, cross the ocean.
She wasn't my flower she was my rose and i scratch myself on the brambles and i bleed.
I'm not a fervent believer but i prayed so much time for her, for her futur
Now i tried to forget her, i avoid her otherwise my injury never heal, i try every day to see only her bad face, thinking i'm better without her but it's hard to struggle against his own mind ...
When i talked to her it was the best time of my day, now it's the most painfull
I would have always the feeling i have missed something
Seing her with in relationship with an other man would be the worst thing so i prefer leave and surrender...
I have no taste for every single things anymore, i close myself to other
I know in an other life we were together
see you in this other life my rose

julia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/11

She's so beautiful, kind, stubborn, funny, loving...everything a guy could dream of having yet she was my best friend. Ive been in love with her since we met many years ago, but I never had the guts to tell her... just recently I heard this song for the first time and it reminded me so much of the relationship we shared. Its been years since ive seen her, yet not a day since have I stopped thinking about her... she was the "flower in a field of weeds"....why couldn't she belong to me..?
I surrender...


My story | Reviewer: My name is not Clive | 7/10/11

I love this song. The lyrics are excellent and so heartfelt I couldn’t have written them any better for my own situation. I have this friend who I think the world of. She means everything to me. She kind of knows and I think last year if I hadn’t have been with my girlfriend (still am with her but she works abroad) we could have been together. She’s all I think about – never knew you could have so much love for someone you are not in a relationship with, it’s incredible. Only two people in the world know this really and it breaks my heart that i’m not with her and probably never will be. The worst is I’ll be lying there one day on my deathbed and think...’oh, if only I had gone for it and now its too late and i’ll never know’.
Don’t live like me. Make your own future and history instead of bottling it up. Better have tried, found out, and failed instead of just wondering.

love | Reviewer: beautiful_monsterrr | 3/2/11

Hi buddies,

I am so very touched with each n everyone's stories n life experiences given.... Yes its a very beautiful and meaningful song and takes you deep the world of love, lonliness, pain.... sorrows... n a lot more.... I just wish that all of you guy'z out there who's been waiting for thier true love...May find him/her soon :)


there's still hope | Reviewer: :3 | 2/20/11

My boyfriend introduced me that song a while ago, when we were still just friends. We'd NEVER read the lyrics before today, and it feels so awkward.
Today we've decided to record this, and I'm feeling so shaken up by these lyrics that I guess I won't be able to sing it without bursting into tears.
But, I can't help to feel happy because I can assure to you all that there's always hope. And sometimes it's better to risk than to wonder "what if". He risked himself and I've never been happier.

Guess what I mean is... you'll never know until you ask.

This flower dont belong to me | Reviewer: Lone Poet | 2/9/11

So here is mine story :)
There is one girl perfect for me
First time I saw her I couldnt play guitar or write anything whole week
When I see her i start to loose myself
After some time I learned to control myself when she is near
here is catch
she saw me as a brother
but she knew what I really feel for her
Month ago we fight
she destroyed me completely
was in big black depression
few days ago she unblocked me on msn
I started talk with her
we finally agreed to be friends
well at least I will be there near her
even If I need to give her my whole life I will always be there :(

Alive Inside | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/10

I used not to have the nerve to ask. I finally pulled myself together, risked it all, lost it all, went in a downward spiral for 2 years' time now. I was finally getting better when suddenly she starts talking to me again. I had an emotional breakdown at a party (don't drink in this situation...)
Then we agree to be friends, and I haven't talked to her since even though we're in the same class. I finally gave up on love, but then I heard this song and now my defences are down again. I don't know if it's for the better or worse. I guess this song revived me, but I don't know if I want to be alive inside anymore. Though (or maybe because of) its simplicity, it's a genious song.

Has my moment come and passed? | Reviewer: a boy in love | 8/2/10

I think my moment have come and passed, I were in love with a girl, we talked much and I loved to talk to her, we went to a thing in a town near us, it was music and you could dance. I were with her, we had our time. I wanted to kiss her all the time, but didn't dare to cuz didn't want to loose her as my friend, after a while she asked me if she could meet a friend of her, I let her go, and I went to the toilet, and saw her making out with her friend, my heart broke that night, and I always think about that kiss..

Has my moment come an pass.... | Reviewer: Lucien Lachance | 7/11/10

The meaning of love is completely unwordable.
There is no format, no guide, no cheats, nothing to prepare you for life.
The first kiss, weither it be a man, or a woman, will enchant anyone.
I am a guy, and i'm gay. Recently a man i very much loved, adored, was in the hospital... His lungs were dead, and he would be soon. No-one would help him, no one at all. So I did. You know, you can share alot with loved ones, and im glad i manned up to it. Right now, writing this review, im teary eyed at some of these stories. I've been in the Iran conflict, served 2 years. Nothing, nothing at all, is harder than loss.
And, im glad i could share this little memo with you all.
I never had the nerve to ask.... Has my moment come and pass?

loveit(: | Reviewer: rawrr | 4/8/10

for all you guys that love lyrics

Rise Against's are realllly amazinggg

and relating to this song,
id go give
Blood to Bleed
The Approaching Curve
Audience of One

and many more by them a listen :]
rise against lyrics are so powerful i love it

Sorrowful Star | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

I feel everyones comments on this song. Like everyone here I've loved and lost but it doesnt mean you should give up just because they say know I can't count how many times that someone has come back to me and said they were wrong. People always fall for a facade of something they want before they realize that the real thing was staring them in the face the entire time. I dont want to give false hope but i think if anything everyone comes to some realization that they always had theyre perfect match walking beside them and not they person they were walking towards. love is fluid its constantly changing for everyone and maybe its tides will change in your favor

so what if she shoots the messenger... | Reviewer: Spike | 2/19/10

like most of the people commenting her i too got a story like this. known a girl for about a year and while there was always obvious chemistry i never fit in with what she wanted cos of differing religious views.

the feeling of release of telling her what i felt was so worth it even though i got rejected. Nor did it or is it a reason for the friendship to end. In fact in my case it got stronger.

This songs lyrics are so acurate as to what went through my frightened little brain beforehand, just do it anyway... only to late if she(he) is dead or something

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