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Running out of ways to run
I can't see, I can't be
Over and over and under my skin
All this attention is DOING ME IN!

DON'T EVER judge ME!

Picking through the parts exposed
Taking shape, taking shag
Over and over and under my skin

"Don't ever judge me!
And don't you fucking touch me"

You got all my love, livin' in your own hate
Drippin' hole man, hard step, no fate
Show you nuthin', but I ain't holdin' back
Every damn word I say is a sneak attack
When I get my hands on you
Ain't a fucking thing you can do
"Get fast " cuz you're never gonna get me
I am the very disease you pretend to be

I am the push that makes you move (x4)

DON'T EVER judge ME! (X2)


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stupid posers | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/14

I am 40 years old. I have been listening to metal my whole life since Slayer and Metallica were the shit! Now we have bands like Slipknot and Lamb of God.You idiots say that you know metal yet you compare Tool with Slipknot! If you were real metal fans you wouldn't even be comparing the two!Bands like Tool are fringe metal bands at best! Real metal bands are:Slayer,Lamb of God,Slipknot,Anthrax,Sepultura,Soulfly,Pantera etc.I'd even say S.O.D or M.O.D and Exodus before I ever said Tool! W.T.F!!!Go and find some real metal bands to listen to and leave Tool for the artsy assholes!!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!Slayer!

Magg0ts' in my veins, in my s0ul & in every beat 0' my pulse!!! | Reviewer: D@rkmagg0ts | 7/21/13

Afterall, magg0ts've made their paths even more vivid...I believe it's kinda different fr0m 0thers, the p0wer n the energy they've in them is all w0t makes them a dynamic n b0mbasic metal band...
M0st 0' the ppl usually as their best metal bands, ake the name 0' Iron maiden, deep purple n all..Screw 'em!!!

666 | Reviewer: Maggot666 | 5/7/13

SlipknoT is da BEST metal band EVER so FUCK ALL U HATERS and for all da Maggots dnt listen to da haters SlipknoT haters r assholes so yea Maggot 4 Life and go fuck ur selves u haters (666)

RE: Slipknot is not metal | Reviewer: YouMoron | 3/12/13

Malevolent Creation and Cannibal Corpse are indeed metal, they belong to a subgenre of metal called DEATH METAL. Slipknot belongs to something called NU metal. there are many different genres in metal so if you don't know what you're talking about it would be best if you don't talk at all.
Sincerely, people tired of reading this kind of bullshit on the internet.
Make A Change... Kill Yourself.

listen | Reviewer: michael | 2/12/13

The whole idea of this type of metal is not to give a fuck about what people say i mean what is so important that you have to stop your life because someone said something to you all you have to say is fuck you and go die and walk away because you don't have that stupid drama in your life im 22 and i have been listening to slipknot for almost 10 years and i can honestly say that i go by their music and that is what it has taught me you don't have to listen to me but listen to the music and draw your own conclusions about it

Whatever | Reviewer: Maggot | 10/6/12

Some pathetic fuck is saying here that slipknot aint metal and only stuff like caniball corpse are metal!!listen asshole,they're called brutal death,its a subgenre of metal.slipknot is nu metal.they're ofcourse get a fucking brain inside your head and grow a pair of balls,then talk.fucking shithead,now judging slipknot

SLIPKNOT IS NOT METAL | Reviewer: Quinton coss | 7/21/12

You people are retarded if you think slipknot is metal. Stuff like cannibal corpse and maleviolent creation(spell check) are metal. Im not saying anything bad about slipknot i mean i love them there a really good band its just there not metal

Sisyphus | Reviewer: Brewster | 7/9/12

I have a problem with "don't ever judge me", and with the people who go around saying it 24/7. It's like most people's new mantra: "Don't judge me; you can't judge me; you don't know me...." Uh, actually, yes I can judge you, and I will, and I already did. And you judged me, too. It's what people do, it's instinct. Get over yourself, realize you're not too precious to be judged, realize it doesn't actually harm you, it's probably good for you sometimes, and there's a difference between judging someone and treating them like shit.

Pathetic | Reviewer: Shaun | 3/7/12

Tool get a lot of abuse from people based entirely on the devotion of their fanbase. I think that only proves just how worthless the human race can be as a whole; when someone can be penalized for being passionate about something that seeks to point out the optimistic and beautiful aspects of humanity (which Tool do).

This song is badass, i know the feeling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/12

Yea um.. I like Slipknot and all, but your dumbass debate about them and tool is null and void. Slipknot is better metal, but overall, Tool is a better band hands down. Never have I heard Rock sound like pure art besides Tool. I am in no way hating on Slipknot, theyre badass. But Tool is just plain amazing, in concert as well. If you want to debate who does metal better, i may have to go with Slipknot. Either way.. Pantera was the best Metal band ever so, you can debate all you want. It doesnt change the facts.

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/11

Awesome song by the way, but I have to say something. Tool and Slipknot are two entirely different bands. Both are incredibly talented and badass. Tool has one of the greatest drummers and bassists in the world, and that's awesome. Slipknot has a kickass percussion section and a gnarled and tough vocalist. I listen to tool when I feel artsy, I listen to slipknot when I feel angry. Simple as that. I do believe, however awesome Paul gray was, Justin chancellor from tool is a far better bass player, and this coming from someone with 16 years of bass experience. Although Danny carrey is complex, rhythmic, and often times hard to emulate, Joey Jordison is fast as fuck. Both drummers are better in different ways though. Bottom line, both bands are awesome and better in different ways. Cheers! Love the song.

One hell of a song. | Reviewer: FinnishMaggot | 9/23/11

This particular song is one of my absolute favourite songs by Slipknot. Served as a channel for my own anger at several times. Slipknot will be my favourite band 'til the end! Stay (sic) maggots!

Greets from Finland.

burn mother fuckers! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/11

i just wanted to post a comment, i didnt knot know the correct lyrics to a certen part of this song, slipknot its very talented ppl, it takes a whole bunch of skill to make 9 diffrent sounds make music like this, i know this because i came from a family that everyone plays music, i like to play drums, not so good at it but ok. anyhow i just wanted to kno the right lyrics for this song, my wife left me today and i needed this push to get me thru..
for all the ppl out their that says slipknot is high skool, im almost 30 and ill be a ''maggot'' 4 life
stay SiC mother fuckers!!!!!!

heheheheh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/11

These comments are ridiculous! But entertaining. As for the Tool/Slipknot debate that somehow sprung up here, I am a fan of both bands, but Tool does not hold even a fraction of the technical prowess exhibited by Slipknot. I am a guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, and I don't know what kind of music this other so-called musician makes, but it could not possibly be on an instrument. Any heavy metal or hard rock musician, or any fan even without the slightest understanding of theory or technique can recognize that Slipknot takes the cake on technique. However, they are two COMPLETELY different kinds of bands, rendering this entire debate obsolete. They write different types of music. Tool is not TRYING to write music instrumentally fast or difficult as Slipknot, and Slipknot is not TRYING to make music that elicits the type of commentary that Tool aims for. So, in conclusion, this is fucking retarded.

don't listen if you hate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/11

I love slipknot they're my favorite band by far, but like fred durst from limp bizkit said " I don't like mustard, but I don't go out and buy 5 gallons of mustard and go throw at people screaming I don't fuckin like mustard" so if you don't like slipknot just don't listen and your opinions to yourself!

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