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I got my first real six-string,
Bought it at the five-and-dime,
Played it till my fingers bled,
was the summer of 69.

Me and some guys from school,
Had a band and we tried real hard,
Jimmy quit, and Jody got married,
I should've known,we'd never get far.

O when I look back now,
The summer seemed to last forever,
And if I had a choice,
Yeah- I'd always wanna be there.
Those were the best days of my life.

Ain't no use in complaining,
When you got a job to do.
Spent my evenings down at the drive-in,
And that's when I met you yeah.
Standing on your mama's porch,
You told me that you'd wait forever.
And when you held my hand,
I knew that it was now or never.
Those were the best days of my life.
O yeah, back in the summer of 69.

Man we were killing time,
we were young and restless,
we needed to unwind.

I guess nothing can last forever,forever, ohh.


And now the times are changing,
look at everything that's come and gone.
Sometimes when I play that old six-string,
think about you- wonder what went wrong.

Standing on your mama's porch,
you told me that it'd last forever.
And when you held my hand,
I knew that it was now or never.
Those were the best days of my life.

O yeah,back in the summer of 69.Ah hah,it was the summer of 69, oh yeah me and my baby in 69.
Ohhhh, it was the summer,summer, summer of 69,yeah.

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Reviewer |25/09/2014 | Reviewer: Generalsammy | 9/25/14

I'm under 25, honestly, i've grown 2 lyk dis song. I mean since when my brother introduced me 2 it. Bryan is a wonderful singer. I see every bit of fun of the 80's from dis music. I must confess, the music of 2day is nothing 2 be compared to the classics of the 80's. I nid more of dis Bryan... Gud work

Good song | Reviewer: Paul_ | 1/14/14

Well I'm 15 now and was born in 98 and grew up on classical music such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rush, Peter Gabriel, Ect... And now younger people are being introduced to 60's 70's and 80's music I think just maybe the 2000's generation may have some potential when it comes to musical careers. Though I could be wrong. Let's wait a few years and see where we get

I love the 80's and Im 11 | Reviewer: Anonymuos | 2/9/13

This is one of my favorite songs next to "Don't You Forget About Me"( and not because it was in Pitch perfect). I'm 11 years old turning 12 in June. Its not my fault that my parents introduced me to the 80's and honestly I really don't care about today's music. Cause I mean like where do you think today's artist got their insperation from? Where do you think Lady Gagga got her insperation from because guess what it was Madonna. See what I mean and yet my friends make fun of me for listening to good music that comes from the heart and they create it using instruments like the drums, or the electric guitar/ bass, or etc. I love the 80's and I will always cherish this type of music. Screw 1D or Justin Beiber. Love Bryan Adams, Madonna,Van hallen, simple minds, bon jovi, and etc because that is where real music can be heard.

Amazing bryan adams ! | Reviewer: Satine | 1/27/13

I love this song, incredibly rythmic! "Summer of 69" is a good song ! I wish I were his "baby"!=P But it's not my favorite of bryan adams because all his songs are AMAZING!!! he has a great voice!
And i was surprised in a good way to see that 69 was a sexual reference! he amazes me a lot!!!!

age dont matter | Reviewer: a 13 year old who likes rock | 9/5/12

this song is great, but it is given a bad reputation by the stupid jerks that think he is singing about sex. and to those who think all lovelife must be sexuall or that kids can't fall in love i say
1. GET A LIFE 2. i have had 4 girls and i am 13 yrs old

Oral pleassures | Reviewer: skeeter | 3/3/11

Most people seems to think that this song is about bygone times. That is wrong in so many ways. No to tell you the truth BA liked to have his Johnson sucked. Yeah. That is correct. B.Adam was into fellatio, hence the line:"it was the summer of 69,o yeah, me n my baby in 69"

And as the song tells us he got his Johnson sucked. It is not about a certain year but a sexual position. And he would have stayed in those simple times if he could. And who woldnt?

Makes me sad... | Reviewer: soloman56 | 7/8/10

i dont know why but whenever i hear this song blasting on the radio i just start to feel so sad about life and how fragile it is and how much it needs to be valued...just my opinion.

It could be because of an episode of Numb3rs where Don is talking an LAPD chief about a dead police officer and a song he used to play all the time on this little red stereo...and the song was Summer of '69...

had met my husband through this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/10

how u met my husband through this was one day I was in my car I was 21 he was 26 and I was listening to this song and singing to a few of the parts and when I was drivin I was going 7 11 and he followed me there and we started talkin to one another he said that was his favorite song and I remember (how embarrising he was listing to me sing) but then I said that's one of my favorites and so now I'm 22 and well be married soon

Bryan Adams. | Reviewer: Kiko | 12/6/09

I think It's funny how so many out there have said exatly what Bryan Adams exclaimed about how people are time after time saying how he was only 10 years of age in 1969 and was Way too young to have had a Sexual Relationship with a girl, the thing is that Bryan Adams Never said that it was the Year 1969 the number 69 was more just a way for him to put a Sexual refrence in the song with out
geting harassed about it for at that time people listing to the song might be concerend parents and they might not like the thought of their kids listing to it for gust that reason.

Any way this is my thoughts on the matter. I am 15 years old and I love Most of Bryan Adams work.
Hope you like wat I wrote, if not I wont take affence.

It's AWESOME!!! | Reviewer: Crown Clown | 5/23/09

when i first heard this song, i just can't get it out of my mind... i mean the rhythm of the aong is just great and also its meaning... i guess i will also miss those days and childhood memories when i grow old...

summer of 69 | Reviewer: it's me! | 4/20/09

oh gosh, this song was my favorite when i was young. the lyrics mean a lot in a way as we were allowed to do much more back then during the holiday breaks with friends, we had the freedom, those were the best days of my life. no-one can ever forget those days:)

so touching. | Reviewer: nick | 2/16/09

i absolutely love this song. it definately takes me back to my childhood, during the warm days of summer and no school. back when we didnt have a care in the world and spent the days roaming around, swimming, eating otterpops, and listening to the parents yell at us to shut the door cuz it was so damn hot out! i would do anything to return to those days once more, they were were the best days of my life!

alix | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/09

The '69 concerned in this song is that of Bryan Adam's and his teenage sweetheart engaged in oral sex. Think about it, Bryan Adams was only 10 in 1969. That's all I'm saying..... "ME AND MA BABY IN A 69!"

fantabulous song... | Reviewer: saif | 3/4/08

weneva i listn dis song,i jus think dat may b dis song is writn 4 me ! coz i had a bnd in ma school days [the bst days of ma lyf] n dis song reminds me those golden days of ma lyf...
disis a very touching song 4 me...

Beautiful | Reviewer: G C | 1/16/08

Awesome song, reminds me of being young and brilliant times with my mates in the school summer holidays. Makes me sad to think I`ll never be that age again... but definetley made the most of it!!

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