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She went away for the holidays
Said she's going to L.A.
But she never got there
She never got there
She never got there, they say

[Chorus: x2]
The KKK took my baby away
They took her away
Away from me

Now I don't know
Where my baby has been
They took her from me
They took her from me
I don't know
Where my baby has been
They took her from me
They took her from me

Ringy, ringy, ringy
Up the President
And find out
Where my baby went
Ringy, ringy, ringy
Up the FBI
And find out if
My baby's alive
Yeah, yeah, yeah

oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh

She went away for the holidays
Said she's going to L.A.
But she never got there
She never got there
She never got there, they say

[Chorus: x3]

The KKK took my baby away
They took my girl
They took my baby away

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are you stupid? | Reviewer: alura | 12/20/10

Dude this song has nothing at all to do with the kkk, johnny symbolized the kkk because he was a right wing conservative. joey wrote the song because johnny stole his girl.... like seriously it has nothing to do with discrimination if you dont like the song just shut up.

one of joeys first girlfriends. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/10

dunno what the guy below me is talking about.

the song is about one of joeys first girl friends. he brung her home from a mental hospital that he was staying in. she spent about a week in the apartment straight with joey(hence why he was in a mental hospital). she ended up leaving joey got sad and wrote the song(she was black if you haven't been able to tell).

- takken from 'i slept with joey ramone', writen by his brother who was also in the apartment the whole time.

and the misfits made fun of the Kennedy assassination for gods sake. the whole song is about 2 people fucking "My cum'll be your life source
And the only way to get it
Is to suck
Or fuck
Or be poor and devoid, and masturbate me
Masterbate me, then slurp it from your palms

It probably is about the KKK | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/10

I'm sorry for your loss as well, but for other commentators this song is not tongue-in-cheek. It is obviously about the murder of civil rights workers in Alabama in 1965, when the President and the FBI were used to arrest Ku Klux Klan members when the local law enforcement was unable or unwilling to bring people to justice.

Although it is a relatively light-hearted and upbeat song, the lyrics represent a very serious issue that was still in people's collective memory at the time.

Hell even the Dead Kennedys were writing political songs about Vietnam after the fact. The Misfits were writing about the Kennedy assassination decades after it happened -- precisely because these are serious and memorable events for people.

So I think Andrew is justified to feel emotionally about the topic -- it is a serious song about serious political issues. Regardless of what the Ramones may have intended, the song obviously overlaps with real historical events. And the fact that it is still controversial shows just how affective of a political commentary it is.

Johnny and joey | Reviewer: fallinskater334 | 2/18/09

guys...this song isnt about johnny and joey girl thing, this song was written way beofre this happein between them and would joey would wanna perform this around johnny????? if this is what the song is about?

Entirely different meaning | Reviewer: Rachel | 2/14/09

This song has nothing to do with the Kul Klux Klan, and I sincerely doubt it would have ever been recorded if it was. And also, it is unfair to say this song shouldn't be posted because of something that happened to you.

Andrew | Reviewer: Drew | 12/23/08

Andrew, even if this was about the KKK, I don't get your point. Songs that have some relationship to real loss should be censored because they deal with real emotions? Music comes from the pain and joy of life, especially the pain.

Should we hide the lyrics to Leader of the Pack (as just one of a million obvious examples) in deference to victims of motorcycle accidents? I lost a close family member recently to drug related homicide but I'd never want to take away all the songs about related losses from the world. Embrace what the music says to you, but you don't have to listen to it (or read the lyrics) if you don't want to.

I'm sorry for your loss. I understand how suddenly things take on new and terrible meanings when you're going through a loved one's passing. We all cope differently, but to try to take art from the world will make no one's life better.

yeah its not about the KKK | Reviewer: Skasnotdead | 11/1/07

ur right it's about how johnny "stole" joey's girlfriend and later married her. the reason why he wrote KKK is because he had a KKK card of some sort and was jokingly racist toward black people.

NOT ABOUT KLU KLUX KLAN! | Reviewer: Jennie | 9/4/07

This song is not actually about the KKK. Look up the history. It's about Joey and Johnny and the "KKK" refers to a political party. It's a kind of symbolism.

Anyway, this is a great song and one of my favorites.

OMG | Reviewer: T.HUBB | 8/1/07

Should really learn the history about the song before you Criticize it...! This is a great song...

Sorry about your KKK rundown..BUt Hey these ARE just lyrics about the two bro's... Get with it

hmmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/07

i can understand that people can get offended by this song but they are just song lyrics. people shouldnt take them so seriously

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