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Tamia Still Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2014 05:29:58 AM

Usually when two people are together, for a long time things seem to change. It's been said that nothing good lasts forever But this love gets better every day we get all excited inside, every time that we get alone he still got love in his eyes, and I still got love in my soul.

Still, feels like the first time we met when I kissed and I told you I love you, we still run around like teenagers even though we're grown and married with kids, we still talk on the phone for hours when I'm away, he still writes letters and sends me flowers every other day, the question everybody asks, is how we make it last, I tell them I still, he still, we still.

Now I still smile in the morning, when I realize I'm still in his arms we know everything about each other, but we still keep holding on, yeah we never gonna break up, we'll be always there to make up as long as we stick together we'll climb higher, I'm gonna ride with him to the wire, our love is never gonna end, we're on fire.


We go through problems just like everybody else, but I really don't mind, cause it makes us keep it fresh, now it's sadder than an argument, is the thought we may have never been he is my lover, my baby's father, my lifetime partner and my friend

Still the man of my dreams he's still, still the man for me, and I'm still in love with him,so deeply, I think I'll sing it again, he's still,still the man of my dreams, he's still, still the man for me, and I'm still in love with him, deep deeply.

chorus (2X)

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I'm Still In Love With You | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/14

I just listened to this song at least 10 times I ven dropped some tears because it makes me think and reminisce how me and my first love used to be I miss and lovh im so much he means so much to me we used to be bestfriends then we became more some people don't understand it but everytime I see him, think about him, or just think about how we are now and how we used to be makes me realize how deeply im

Still loving STILL | Reviewer: Gina | 3/25/14

I love love love this song this is me and my man to the fullest, it's his ringtone and when we get into it I just listen to these words! Our kids even sing the lyrics when Daddy calls!

deep thoughts | Reviewer: Aisha | 6/28/13

When I first heard this song, my boyfriend and I were going thru some problems. This song made me realized how much we really cared for one another and how strong our love was for each other. I'm glad to say we are still together, deeper in love than before and our relationship continues to grow every day. No relationship is easy and everyone goes thru Thur ups and downs, but if that love you share is real and genuine, you will make it thru whatever. Thanks Tamia for a wonderful song :-)

Still | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/08

This song is for two people thats in love thats tryin to make it in their relationship, at this moment im goin through in ma relationship wit ma boyfriend, but we gon make it hopefully.

chanty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

well im not in love with anyone but i really like the song because its just so expressing and it makes you think alot..i love this song

good | Reviewer: eunice | 7/17/07

i love the song thats why i want to know the complete lyrics of these song..
i will be needing it next week...

reminder | Reviewer: non | 6/20/07

the song is about two people who are still making it in love life they have been together for a long time. it always reminds me of my primary friend nkemiso and my high school friend ofentse

please send me that cd | Reviewer: Ladasha Bolding | 6/15/05

Girl I think you really put your head on that sond still,because i fell in love with a guy off of that song . That song brought us closer together.

STILL SONG | Reviewer: erin | 1/24/05